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University of the Pacific - IPC
Minutes, November 3, 2009
Library Community Room

Call to Order: Cavanaugh, Dempsey, Duzgunes, Gilbertson, Gong, Griffen, King,  Krise, Lackey, Leland, Pearson, Perrot, Rose, Shipp

Not Present:  Brodnick, Frederick, Griego, Klunk, Page

Minutes:  Minutes of October 13, 2009 were approved as distributed.   

Budget Presentation: Gilbertson and Cavanaugh indicated that President Eibeck is in the process of reviewing budget and enrollment issues prior to presenting the proforma FY11 budget to IPC.  The target date for final IPC budget recommendations is February 9, 2010. 

Program Review-Library:  Gilbertson explained that the University is in the process of transitioning from the current Program Review process to the new Program Planning process.  The Library PR Report was delayed due to a new dean coming on board.  The Committee reviewed the top Library recommendations:  Develop a multi-year plan to achieve an appropriate level of funding for the Library's materials budget; Integrate Information Competence into all academic programs; and Complete Phase III and IV of the planned University Library renovation.  The IPC urged that recommendation #5, updating the University Library's multi-year technology plan and resource budget for library systems and technology, be integrated with recommendation #1, in order to assure that the delivery systems for electronic library materials is well maintained.  In addition, in response to the Committee's query about possible faculty resistance to the "information competence" initiative, I reported that the Library faculty will have to engage the academic units in the discussion and planning, which has only begun. 

Program Review-Engineering & Computer Science:  Gilbertson reviewed the Program Review Recommendations for Engineering & Computer Science with the following objectives:  (1) Distinctive Curriculum; (2) Distinctive Experiential Learning; (3) Faculty Development and Program Recognition; (4) Student Enrollment and Student Quality; and (5) Enhance Infrastructure for Teaching and Learning and Research.  In response to the Provost's reference to student concerns about unevenness in their educational experience, the Committee urged the use of focus groups of School students to better understand the implications of the survey.  In addition, the Committee requested that the School reexamine its involvement in cross-cultural learning (to build more effective teamwork, etc.), given the diverse mix of student backgrounds in the School, including many international students.    

Program Review-Dugoni School of Dentistry:  Gilbertson updated the Committee on the Dental School's Program Review which addresses six strategic directions, tied to Pacific Rising Strategic Directions:  (1) Lead educational innovation; (2) Develop professionals committed to improving the health of all people; (3) Build focused and valued research initiatives; (4) Build upon the School's unique strengths to create and enhance revenue streams; (5) Create a resource rich, supportive and diverse culture to develop, retain, and recruit outstanding individuals; (6) Optimize our facility assets and technology investments.  The only issue raised by the Committee was whether or not the School is emphasizing the "scholarship of teaching and learning" to the detriment of advancing other forms of scholarship, especially clinical and applied scholarship, which can keep the School on the forefront of dentistry and dental education.  The Provost will follow-up on this issue with the Dean.     

Faculty Scholarship & Research Expenditures Data:  Committee members discussed the results of this comprehensive survey of internal and external funding for faculty scholarship and research over the past five years.  Some schools have been aggressive with grant applications and some have not. 

Innovation Initiatives Summary Report:  Gilbertson briefed the Committee on the success of the innovation grant initiatives that were initiated in 2006.  Some of the initiatives have been achieved and some have not to date.  President Eibeck will be exploring the possibility of redirecting this initiative to the "three-cities campus" initiative.

Committee members discussed at length the operational initiatives requiring additional funding; pilot initiatives requiring additional funding; operational initiatives requiring no additional funding; decisions to continue based on availability of school funding; funding/program continuation undecided; and initiatives that have ended. 

Adjourned:  3:42 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 8, 2009, LCR at 2:00 p.m.