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November 1 2001

Institutional Priorities Committee
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, November 1, 2001, 12-2:00pm
Taylor Conference Room

IPC Members Present: Brock, Cavanaugh (chair), Gilbertson, Meer, Hewitt, Jones, King, Krueger-Devine, Oppenheimer, Olsen, Stark

Minutes: October 25th minutes were approved and amended for spelling.

Agenda Discussion:

Meeting Discussion

  1. Advancement
    1. Vice-President Meer presented a request for the 2003 budget to develop a campaign video and case statement.
  2. Athletics
    1. Athletic Director King reviewed his record of evidence for the department.
    2. He then presented his 2003 budget requests.
  3. Business and Finance
    1. Vice-president Cavanaugh reported on his presentation to the BOR regarding the current Bond issue and the debt incurred. He compared our debt service within similar institutions and Pacific has some greater debt capacity.
    2. Some of the current bond issue has been reallocated to include the McCaffrey Center remodeling, Administration moves, Baun Center and gym upgrades. A future bond issue was discussed.
  4. Adjourned: 2:05 pm