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November 16 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
November 16, 2000
Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Brock, Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), King, Kirkland, Oppenheimer, Peterson, Benedetti, Kruger-Devine, Lundgren, Meer, Stark, Kubeck (Presentation).


Minutes were approved with special note of V.P. Meer's new baby boy. A new draft of the MVP statement was distributed with a request to be prepared to discuss them at the November 30th meeting.

I. IPC Budget Reports

A. OISR Report - Presentation was made requesting 2.4 million one time FY01, 1.1

million one time funding FY02, and 1.27 million recurring for FY02. There were 9 budget areas in OISR regular budget, internet services mats, Cisco Network, Wiring Closet, SunRay, Residence Hall Connectivity, Admin Sys, Purnell Budget, One-time Funding.

  1. Student Life Report
  1. Presentation was made requesting 91K (salary) and 1K for counseling center to respond to re-accreditation issues. This will provide full-time coverage of counseling care. V.P. Chambers will provide FTE/student ratio for other schools.
  2. 31.5K for salary to create a FT staff position for intramural sports and 20K on-going funding for Baun Fitness Center equipment. Discussion occurred regarding making this an auxiliary project where income generated goes back to the Center.
  3. Career & Internship request on-going operational expense of 6K.

(Please note that Judy's plan was provided with three hole punch and therefore should have a high funding priority.)

  1. In 1999 2000 Team Capsule
  1. Provided a summary on how the teams did this past year.
  1. Athletic Department Requests
  1. Scholarship - tuition only, 248,700 on-going and an additional 186,525 for FY03. Overall goal is to have UOP at 80% scholarship. These scholarships might be allocated as follows:

    Women's Field Hockey 1
    Women's Soccer 3
    Women's Swimming 3
    Women's Water Polo 4
    Men's Swimming 1

  2. To be continued…

Meeting Adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Phil Oppenheimer, Dean, PHS