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November 2 1999

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
November 2, 1999
Taylor Conference Room, University Library

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Brock, Cavanaugh, Fletcher, Fox, Gluskin, Gilbertson (Chair), KruegerDevine, Myers, Oppenheimer

Absent: Borlik, Stein.

The meeting was convened by Chair Gilbertson

Minutes of October 26, 1999 meeting were reviewed, corrected and approved.

Provost Report: Gilbertson handed out an update to the faculty salary plan progress and is recommending annual merit increases change from 3 to 4% to approach national norming figures which have averaged 3.5% per year since the plan was formed. We may also need to add a 4th year to the plan in order to accomplish the 60th percentile goal. It may also make sense to move annual increases to September instead of January, to be more in line with other schools.

Budget Requests from Business and Finance Division:

Cavanaugh reviewed the requests from Finance, Human Resources, and Physical Plant. [Corrections: Item 6 should have costs for year 1 (2001) only; the Year 2 costs for all salaries should be part of the base budget and not require additional $]. There were questions on several of the items. Does Item 7 need on-going staff, could this be done by current Internal Auditor? Cavanaugh replied that UOP is too complex an institution to handle it that way and stated that the IA reports to the Finance Committee of the Board. Item 1 (payroll specialist) is required now that McGeorge’s payroll is being handled by the Stockton campus payroll dept. A discussion followed about the administrative fee that McGeorge currently pays and whether or not it should be increased to cover this additional service. It was decided that since the fee is currently not itemized we should not add additional fees for each service. At some point, with the increased coalescing of administrative functions to the Stockton campus, the administrative fees paid by both Law and Dental should be reviewed.

OISR: There was a substantial discussion of the problems with the current level of service provided by OISR.

Annual Compensation Discussion:

The request from the Academic division for a change in the raises from 3% to 4% was discussed (the official requests from that division will be presented at the 11/9 meeting). It was agreed that we could not deal with both the % increase and the schedule change (from Jan. to Sept.) in the same year. Cavanaugh reminded the committee that the 1999 annual raises for faculty were above 3% due to the faculty salary plan and emphasized that this message needs to get out to the broader UOP community. The plan has fallen short of the goal because other schools have been increasing at a higher rate (3.5%) than anticipated in the plan (3%), not because UOP has not been increasing at a higher rate than 3%. There was agreement that Staff salaries need to be adjusted also

Prepared and submitted by Lydia K. Fox