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November 21 2006

University of the Pacific
Minutes, November 21, 2006
Taylor Room

Call to Order: 2:11 p.m.

Present: Brodnick, Cox, Dobbs, Dodson, Ellison, Frederick, Fries, Gilbertson, Griego, Itaya, King, Schmidt, Sina, Spreer

Not Present: Cavanaugh, Ensign, Lackey, Leland, Perro

Special Guests:

Minutes: Minutes of the November 14th meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports: n/a

Current Agenda Items:

Academic Budget Presentation

Gilbertson reviewed FY08 IPC Planning and Budget Priorities. He explained proposed staffing and operation priorities, in priority order.

Special Campus initiatives include:

  1. Library materials
  2. Leadership development/emotional social intelligence initiative
  3. Pre-law accelerated program

Staffing Priorities include:

  1. PHS faculty position
  2. Conservatory TSP
  3. Library TSP
  4. SIS faculty position
  5. Learning Assessment Specialist
  6. PHS Marketing staff position
  7. BUS Accounting faculty position (FY09)
  8. PT faculty position (FY09)
  9. SLP faculty position (FY09)
  10. Math faculty position (FY09)
  11. Biology faculty position (FY09)

Operations priorities include:

  1. Undergraduate scholarship and recruitment (URI, Founders, PBK)
  2. Center for Teaching Excellence operations
  3. Student Diversity Recruitment
  4. Program Review funding
  5. College Instructional Technology
  6. Registrar Professional Development
  7. Conservatory operations

Proposed One-time requests include:

  1. WPC Renovation
  2. Engineering labs
  3. Writing in the Disciplines

Child Care Task Force

Sina provided a brief overview and history of what has happened in the past and presented a report with survey results to the group. The costs associated with childcare on-site is not cost effective for the university at this time; therefore, the recommendation is to enter into a relationship with Creative Child Care Incorporated. They are a local company that is focused within the surrounding region.

The task force recommended a program where the university would hire a full-time staff manager who would broker locally accredited providers. The school of Education would oversee the program and ensure that the needs of families who desire childcare services were met.

The task force would like to draft a contract and resources to start this program. Also the task force recommends Dean Beck appoint an advisory board representative of faculty, staff and students to continue the broad based campus discussions concerning child care. It was commented that this program would send a strong message that the university cares about people and the children within the Pacific community.

Pacific Rising - Draft 6
Brodnick distributed the draft and reviewed the changes since the last meeting particularly noting that the Commitments were reorganized. The process for the review of draft six was discussed. IPC will need to conclude discussions and final revisions at the next meeting Tuesday, Nov. 28th. The final draft will be distributed to the community in early December with opportunity for feedback. Draft 6 will go to the board with a request to approve the values, commitments, and strategic directions. The community will have the opportunity in Spring '07 for another open forum. The goals will be submitted for approval at the April 2007 meeting.

Today's focus was the Strategic Directions 6 through 15. The committee processed the goals in detail and provided suggestions for improvement. It was mentioned that we have left out the campus grounds and wording additions were made. The issue of sustainability and environmental impact was discussed. It was decided to add this important community value to the aspirations section of the document.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 28, 2006, 2 - 5 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

Meeting adjourned at 4:53 p.m.