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November 30 1999

University of the Pacific
Institutial Prorities Committee
November 30, 1999

Attendance: Benedetti, Borlik, Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fox, Fletcher, Gilberstson(Chair), Gluskin, KruegerDevine, Myers, Oppenheimer

Guests: Bryan, Dunning, Kubeck

Mr. Dunning provided an overview of the department. He recognized the organizational improvements made by his predecessor that provided the base for improved supervision of all aspects of the athletic program. He summarized the progress made in the last three years both in terms of on-field performance as well as continuation of the traditionally strong academic reputation of Pacific teams. Facility improvements have been particularly consequential but, with greater recreational requirements, require further expansion to meet the combined needs of intercollegiate and student use.

Budget Request:

Mr. Dunning outlined revenue enhancement opportunities. He linked operating budget increases to these opportunities. There are three areas that present likely opportunities for revenue growth: fundraising, facility rental, and student enrollment. He cited examples of revenue generation for Stagg stadium and expanded numbers of non-athletic scholarship student participants in intercollegiate sports, i.e. walk-ons. He explained the increased demands exerted by these additional students on the current support staff.

Woman’s Water polo –

Mr. Dunning presented a request to move this program from one athletic scholarship to the maximum NCAA allowable of eight scholarships over the next three years. He compared the opportunities of this new program to women’s volleyball in the mid-eighties. The potential of an excellent coach and strong program will be lost if we are unable to maintain parity with other programs.

Woman’s Soccer –

Mr. Dunning supported the addition of 5.1 scholarships over three years on the basis of potential conference requirements. It is possible that within a restructured Big West conference woman’s soccer would become a priority sport requiring a minimum 9.6 scholarships. The same is required if Pacific became a member of the WCC. Currently the soccer program is allocated 6.9 scholarships. The addition of scholarships would not reduce the number of walk-ons in the program but would provide enhanced competitiveness.

Graduate Assistantships –

Increased student participation in intercollegiate athletics places demands on support services. The addition of 2 graduate assistants would provide relief in this area.

Mr. Dunning confirmed that scholarships are defined as full tuition, room and board. Upperclass students not living on campus receive a cash stipend. He also elaborated on the walk-on student. He explained that a substantial number of these students participate in fieldhockey, aquatics, soccer and softball. They are recruited and without the opportunity to compete would not likely come to Pacific.

Ms. Kubeck elaborated on a previous discussion regarding the comparison of IT staffing levels. There was further discussion regarding a lease vs. purchase plan for new computers. Issues of residual value and special purpose equipment require further exploration. These considerations should be evaluated in the context of the additional cost of support. The Provost summarized the discussion as the need for a system for regular investment in technology at the departmental level.