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November 30 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
November 30, 2000
Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Benedetti, Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Gilbertson (Chair), King, Kirkland, Kruger-Devine, Lunerdgan, Meer, Myers, Peterson,

Absent: Fox and Oppenheimer.

Minutes were approved without change.

Review of IPC Proposed First Draft of Vision Statement, Planning Assumptions & Planning Priorities - 2002-2010

  • Vision Statement - no changes, present both versions (with revisions and new version)
  • Planning Assumptions
    • Item 1 - delete seek
    • Item 2 - delete well-
    • Item 3 - change administration to administrators
    • Item 6 - add (COP) following the first reference to College of Pacific
  • Planning Priorities
    • Ia - Change College to COP
    • IIIa - re-order list: students, faculty, staff and administration
    • IIIc - change Advance and integrate information to Advance the integration of information
    • IVd - Change wording to: Explore innovative allocation models to stimulate entrepreneurship.
    • Vb - Change wording to: Build stronger community and regional partnerships.
    • A question was raised as to whether expansion of the board should appear as a planning priority.
    Provost Gilbertson will generate a cover memo and distribute the revised Vision Statement, Planning Assumptions and Planning Priorities to the university community, inviting response to any IPC member.

Athletic Department Request (cont)

  • A list of the top 20 (GPAs) student athletes was presented. It was noted that 5 are international students and that the 20 students represent a wide variety of majors from across campus.
  • There was one correction to the budget:
    Item 2 - Head Women's Tennis Coach should be $15,000 instead of $28,000
Academic Division and OISR Request presented
  • A copy of the Academic Division goals and objectives for FY 02-03 was distributed.
  • A copy of the Record of Evidence for the Academic Division for FY 2000 was presented.
  • Goals were presented in priority order
    1. Univ Priority Initiatives - Total FY02: $162K, One-time: $265K
    2. Student Recruitment - Total FY02: $145K
    3. 5.2 Faculty/Staff Positions - Total FY02: $350K
    4. Faculty Development - Total FY02: $110K
    5. Library Materials - Total FY02 $100K
    6. Facilities Development - Total FY02 $867K
Questions were held until next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Louise Stark, SOE