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November 8 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes: November 8, 2001
12-2:00 PM
Taylor Conference Room

Members Present: Benedetti, Brock, Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Hewitt, King, Krueger Devine, Oppenheimer, Olson, Sina, Spreer, Stark

Welcome: Pat Spreer, Staff Advisory Council

Minutes: The minutes of the November 1st meeting were approved as presented.


Vice President for Student Life Sina thanked the committee for its support in previous one time allocations and presented request from the Student Life Division. Discussion centered on the elimination of the fitness center fee, which was based on the expected increased use of the center and the commitment the University has made to increasing opportunities for student activity and wellness. Other requests included an outdoor recreation coordinator, wage increases for student employees and weekend custodial in McCaffrey Center

Sina continued announcing that starting in January, Public Safety would be part of the Division of Student Life. Sina said that she would like to return to IPC toward the end of deliberations to present a reworked request from Public Safety, as she believes there are areas in which savings can be achieved. Also, there is interest for exploring new programs that would utilize student employees to do foot patrols to increase campus safety. In response to a question, Sina said that there is a possibility that portions of the Health Center operations would be outsourced.

Vice President for Business and Finance Cavanaugh presented the budget request from his division. Cavanaugh stressed the importance of adding a position in Risk Management. Adding this position would allow the University to realize savings on insurance, with the position paying for itself. Stark asked if it was necessary to create the position or could the University utilize consultants to do the same work. Cavanaugh responded that the current consultants recommended creating the position and the position provided continual review. Also, Cavanaugh stressed that an increase was necessary to have hazardous waste removed more frequently in order to comply with state law. Benedetti asked if it would be necessary to add another position in Risk Management to deliver and pickup hazardous materials from the different departments about campus. This is presently being reviewed and might be brought back to IPC. Oppenheimer asked if the Law and Dental Schools have been increasing their contribution to administrative costs as they have placed increased demands upon the administrative services. Cavanaugh stated that the percentage of contribution has not changed but the actual dollar amount has increased. There were questions about the maintenance on the current well system and Burns Tower. If the University switched to CalWater, costs of well maintenance would be absorbed the fee the University pays by CalWater for water service (which would use them as a backup system), while the University maintained ownership of the wells and the Tower tank.

Submitted by Matt Olson.