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November 9 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
November 9, 2000
Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair) King, Kirkland, Lundergan, Oppenheimer, Peterson, and Stark.

Absent: Benedetti, KruegerDevine, Meer, and Myers

Provost Gilbertson announced that Jonathan Meer was absent today because his wife, Elyse, had gone into labor and was in the hospital. The Provost classified this as good news. The Committee was unsure whether the good new was that Mrs. Meer was in labor or that Mr. Meer was not at the meeting. Whatever the case, it appeared that the Provost was comfortable with his lack of attendance. It is now obvious what behavior committee members must engage in to get an excused absence from I.P.C.

I. Convening of Meeting and Approval of Minutes: The I.P.C. meeting was convened by Provost Gilbertson at 12:16 p.m. The minutes of November 2, 2000 were reviewed and corrected. Corrections were noted.

There was discussion about January meetings. They will be held on the following dates: January 4, 2001 (regular time); January 19, 2001 (regular time); January 18, 2001 (regular time) and January 25, 2001 (regular time). There will also be two special meetings—January 8, 2001 (1-3pm) and January 15 (1-3pm) (that may be up for reconsideration as it is Martin Luther King’s Birthday holiday).

II. I.P.C. Funding Request Presentation - Division of Business and Finance: Vice President Cavanaugh presented the six items from his Division for which he is requesting I.P.C. funding. In addition to his budget requests, he also distributed his goals for the Division, along with a list of 22 deferred maintenance needs. With regard to the budget requests, Vice President Cavanaugh indicated that he would be providing additional information and support for these requests at a later time.

There was supposition on the part of the Committee that the reason Vice President Cavanaugh’s presentation was so low key was that he did not want to detract from the rather elaborate budget presentations that will come next week from the Department of Athletics and the Division of Student Life. Rumor has it that Mr. King will be presenting his budget requests in a PowerPoint presentation being transmitted from a satelitte dish in the Bahamas where he is spending Thanksgiving vacation. Vice President Chambers’ requests will be in the form of a video presentation with music and dance numbers in between each request supplied by the All Greek Council.

III. Discussion of Mission Statement: The next item of business was discussion of our mission statement. The revised mission statement is as follows:

University of the Pacific

November 9, 2000

University of the Pacific will be nationally known respected for linking liberal arts and professional education at both undergraduate and graduate levels through innovative curricular and co-curricular programs of exceptional quality and high value. The University will strenghten its visibility and increase its visibility nationally. Pacific will take full advantage of the rich unique learning resources of Northern California. Pacific will become a national leader in the creative use of internships and leadership development programs experiential learning. These distinctive features will be shaped by our a commitment of faculty and staff to equip Pacific graduates for success in a multi-cultural and international society.

IV. Discussion of Planning Assumptions: The revision of those assumptions are as follows:

University of the Pacific

November 9, 2000

1. The University will seek to enhance the interpersonal character, residential nature, and beauty of its campuses.

2. The University will achieve an optimal and well-balanced total enrollment of 6,______ students.

3. Recognizing the primacy of its academic mission, the University will emphasize academic achievement and excellence in the pursuit of divrese and talented students, faculty, staff, and administration.

4. The University will offer a mix of liberal arts, professional, and select graduate programs.

5. The University will emphasize learning experiences that develop citizenship and leadership in a multicultural, technological, and international society.

6. The University affirms the College of the Pacific as an integrated learning community, focused on the liberal arts and sciences. Professional schools and programs will continue to depend on COP to offer core courses required in the preparation of their students.

7. The University affirms the teacher-scholar model for faculty, which defines teaching and student learning as primary activities, while recognizing and supporting scholarship and research as vital to that enterprise.

8. The University will join with its alumni and surrounding communities to pursue new avenues for student learning, continuing education, and community engagement.

Both of these documents will be distributed to the University campus for further discussion.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Provost Gilbertson at 2:04 p.m.