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University of the Pacific - IPC
Minutes, October 13, 2009
Library Community Room

Call to Order:  Cavanaugh, Dempsey, Duzgunes, Frederick, Gilbertson, Gong, Griego, Griffen, King, Klunk, Krise, Lackey, Page, Pearson, Perrot, Rose, Shipp

Not Present:  Brodnick, Leland

Special Guests:  Rob Alexander, Cathy Peterson

Minutes:  Minutes of September 8th approved as distributed. 

Budget Presentation:  Gilbertson and Cavanaugh will discuss the order of budget presentations with President Eibeck. 

Enrollment Report:  Alexander highlighted Pacific's record-breaking freshmen, Stockton, and total enrollment for fall 2009.  Total enrollment is 6401, up from 6251 in fall 2009.  The Committee discussed freshmen yield, expected family contribution (EFC) for 2008-09 and freshmen receiving institutional aid from 1996-2009. 

WASC CPR Discussion:  Klunk updated Committee members on preparations for the first of two WASC visits.  The capacity and preparatory review visit will take place on March 30-31, and April 1, 2010.  Thirteen specific recommendations are enumerated in eight critical areas of capacity:  Distinctiveness, Assessment, Planning and Budgeting, Funding and Advancement, Visibility, Technology, Student Success, and Sustaining Priorities; and include references to the Actions of the Strategic Action Plan as well as to the Criteria for Review of the four WASC Standards.  IPC members discussed the planning model; and noted that alumni should be referenced in the plan.  Individual comments/responses can be submitted at WASC website e-mail address,   

Faculty Scholarship & Research Expenditures Data FY05-09:  Gilbertson briefly explained the comprehensive analysis of support for faculty scholarship and research over the last five years.  This information is posted under the Provost's website.  Discussion of innovation planning will take place at the next IPC meeting. 

EdPT Program-Innovation Grant:  Peterson gave an overview of the EdPT program proposal in the African country of Malawi as well as other countries in Africa.  Each country's status of PT education was explained and the objectives of the proposal were outlined.  Funding this type of program is an issue and must be addressed before approval is granted.  Peterson discussed program requirements and the required participation level of PT faculty.  Committee members commented on start-up funding requirements and that a program of this type must be self-supporting and not dependent on ongoing University funds.  The Committee requested that the proposers explore funding possibilities from health foundations. 

Adjourned:  4:10 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, November 3, 2009, LCR at 2 p.m.