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October 16 2003

University of the Pacific
Minutes, October 16, 2003
Taylor Conference Room 

Call to Order: 3:05

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Chi, Gilbertson, Hanyak, Hoverstad, King, Meer, Olson, Perro, Richmond, Sina, Spreer

Not Present: Jacobson, Jones, Ensign, Miller

Minutes: Minutes of the September 18 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports:

Current Agenda Items:

Finalize FY04-05 Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines

Gilbertson opened with a discussion on the 04-05 Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines which are outlined below.

  • Proposals will be evaluated in relation to the University's top eight priorities.
  1. Identify and promote hallmarks of teaching, scholarship and learning excellence in the College of the Pacific and in each professional school.
  2. Expand the commitment to diversifying students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Develop and implement marketing plans t emphasize national and international student recruitment and to elevate institutional visibility.
  4. Advance the integration of information technology into curricular, co-curricular and administrative programs.
  5. Refine and implement a comprehensive facilities and maintenance plan, with special attention to academic buildings, residence halls, and recreation space.
  6. Implement a cost-effective enrollment plan that emphasizes selectivity and improved retention.
  7. Increase financial support for endowments and facilities.
  8. Improve alumni and annual giving.
  • IPC will consider strategic, multi-year projects/programs that may have major institutional impact and may involve more than one division.
  • Proposals that are limited in scope and resource needs will be evaluated by the Cabinet.

The following are the budget assumptions presented in the outline.

  • Enrollment
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Gift Income
  • Unit Operating Budgets
  • Endowment
  • Operating Reserve
  • Faculty and Staff Compensation
  • Facilities

Perro distributed the budget calendar for the year.

CRC Program Review

Sina reviewed the results of CRC's program review.

  • CRC has gone through some major changes seeking improvement.
  1. Leadership
  2. Location
  3. Mission
  4. Level of Service
  5. Direction
  • Two new initiatives were implemented this fall.
  1. Student Expo: Approximately 450 students attended this August event designed to make job searching much easier.
  2. Met Your Future: CRC staff programmed a two week series of events where students got to meet with community employers to review resumes and perform mock interviews.
  • The Employer Development Coordinator position is being transferred to the CRC in January to help increase alumni clientele which currently stands at 10%.

CSEQ Report

Brodnick presented the results of the College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ) survey.

  • The survey was administered to students online fall 2002.
  • Pacific had a 40% response rate.
  • In most categories, Pacific rated at or above the norm with very positive results.

Log on to the Planning and Research web site for complete results.

Next meeting: October 30, 2003

Meeting adjourned at 5:04