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October 5 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
October 6, 2000

In attendance: Benedetti, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fox, Kirkland, Kruger-Devine, Meer, Stark

  1. Approval of the Minutes. With minimal comment, the minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  2. Announcements
    1. The President with join the Committee at its October 19th meeting to discuss the draft Vision Statement.
    2. The search for a new dean at the McGeorge School of Law has begun.
  1. Update on Upcoming Meeting of the Board of Regents, Pat Cavanaugh
    1. The Regents will receive the audit report at the October 12 Meeting
    2. A Reception celebrating the completion of the Art and Geoscience Building has been incorporated into this meeting.
    3. In addition, the Regents will participate in a ground breaking for a new residence hall. Some will tour Grace Covell Hall and one of the residence halls in the Quad to contrast renovated space with areas yet to be remodeled.
    4. The Regents will be discussing several options relating to the President's House. These will include renovations to make the home more functional for entertaining and the conversion of the home into an alumni or faculty house.
  1. Review of the FY2000 Budget and Preview of the FY2001 and FY2002 Budgets, Pat Cavanaugh (see budget report distributed)
  2. Competitive Position of the University in regard to Tuition and Room/Board
    1. Pat Cavanaugh reported that the University had gained ground in comparison to its competitors in regard to the cost of tuition and room and board despite a modest increase in Pacific's charges.
    2. He also noted that the Net Contribution of Students to the University had risen in comparison to these same competitors.
    3. In sum, the University has improved its Market Position over the past year.
Meeting adjourned at 2 PM.