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September 14 1999

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
September 14, 1999

Taylor Conference Room, University Library

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Borlik, Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fletcher, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), Krueger-Devine, Myers

Meeting convened by chair at 3:10 p.m. in the Taylor Conference Room.

  1. Minutes of the September 7, 1999 meeting were distributed and approved as corrected.
  1. Under II. A., "This request will include a Director of Student Recreation." Should read "This request will include an Assistant Director of Student Activities for Recreation." Also, "intermural" should be "intramural".
  2. Under IV.B., in item 2b of Priorities for Resource Allocation, the word "academic" should be struck.
  1. Provost's Report: Program reviews need to move ahead. To that end, Departmental Reports together with initial comments from the Provost and Deans will be forwarded to members of IPC for review. It is hoped this review can be "wrapped-up" in time for the October Board Meeting.
  2. Discussion on Planning & Budget Assumptions & Recommendations:
  1. Faculty/Staff Compensation: It is disappointing that we have not made greater progress on the Faculty Salary Plan. The gap in reaching the 60% has only narrowed from 5% to 4%. How did the large number of retirements and new hires affect this gap? Will it be necessary to extend the plan to four years?
  2. A decision was made to have the Planning & Budget Assumptions & Recommendations printed and distributed. They will be accompanied with a letter of thanks to those who participated in the Administrative Retreat of August 28, 1999. This forum was instrumental in the formulation of Planning Guideline 2.c.
  1. Report and Discussion on the Stockton Campus Master Plan:
  1. Concern was expressed that finer priority planning of maintenance and building projects be exercised. Too often, the sequence of projects is a detriment to the academic program and quality of student life. Perhaps the Facilities Committee should submit a proposed list of projects to IPC for consideration.
  2. Pat Cavanaugh's update on the SWA Stockton Campus Plan of June 1999 centered on pages 12, 13, and 67 of that document.
  1. The new Physical Plant facility at the North Campus is nearing completion.
  2. The design of the new facility for Art and Geoscience Departments is complete and let out for bids.
  3. The replacement of Callison Dining Hall is almost done.
  4. Some improvements have been made to the Residence Halls.
  5. The renovation of Long Theater is nearing completion. Some question remains with the city as to the placement and design of the Marquee.
  6. Removal of the Quonset huts is imminent with the move of the Art and Geoscience Departments.
  7. The upgrade of the McCaffrey Theater should be raised to the forefront. It could double as a high tech classroom.
  8. The Italian Cultural Center is designed, estimates are in hand and several large gifts are pledged toward the 4.3 million-dollar project.
  9. The relocation of library storage from the School of Education and the consideration of a Charter School are impacted by the search for a new Dean and the city of Stockton's search for a new Superintendent of Schools.
  10. The Z Building will be removed and other venues are being considered for classes currently scheduled there. Temporary relocations might include Long Theater, McCaffrey Theater and the Recital Hall.
  11. The SWA report supplied a list of uniform standards for signage, paving, and outdoor furniture in order to improve streetscape.
  12. As available, the University is considering acquiring properties along Stadium Drive.
  13. Upgrade of Grace Covell Hall has been marginal. Much more remains to be done.
  14. As relocations are completed in Hand Hall, Communicative Disorders will be moved to North Campus. This will facilitate the consolidation of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Though they may initially be housed in temporary structures, it is encouraged that this accommodation be for the very short term.
  15. In Owen Hall, the need for better and more practice rooms, as well as a new engineering structures lab is recognized, not much is currently happening on that front.
  16. Plans are under way to provide separate zones for pedestrian and service vehicle traffic on Wood Bridge.
  17. A new Tennis Center has been designed and awaits development.
  18. University Townhouses are in sore need of renovation or removal. Unfortunately, the presence of asbestos impedes building and maintenance projects there. A plan needs to be developed to address this issue.
  19. Depending on program review, renovation/relocation of uses at Cowell Health Center is being considered. Possible uses might include residential units for Pharmacy students or housing a new program of Dental Hygiene.
  20. Thanks to a $350,000. Planning grant, Pharmacy/Health Sciences has embarked on a year long assessment of their facility uses and needs.
  21. Beginning in one year, designs will be solicited for a new Student Center, possibly at the Quonset hut site. Student services will be consolidated at McCaffrey Center and may include offices of the Provost and Vice President for Student Life.
  22. Renovation of Baun Fitness Center is being considered to provide an aerobics room and shower facilities.
  23. The move of the ASUOP annex out of the Quonset huts has been discussed but not solved.
  24. Coordination of Gymnasium use is necessary. Do we need a new gym?
  25. Moving Human Resources to Hand Hall will provide more space for the Computer Center.
  26. Renovation of Sears and Colliver is being considered to provide classrooms for Religious Life, office, and meeting facilities for the Chaplain.
  27. DeMarcus Brown Black Box Theater should be moved to consolidate with Long Theater. Dance could then move into space in the Theater Building.
  28. Parking policies should be examined. Because of the location of new buildings, some former remote lots are no longer "remote". Perhaps a new rate structure for A and B parking should be considered. Should all parking in the Central Campus be eliminated?
  29. A study of classroom use and scheduling is crucial. Centralization of scheduling might prove beneficial. Furnishings of classrooms should be chosen to consider optimal use of space.
  30. A sinking fund in the operational budget to accumulate funds for maintenance and furnishings should be considered. Would this be allocated by Department or Building?
  31. Servicing of daily maintenance needs remains an on-going problem. Is this an issue of inadequate staffing or performance? It is clear this area needs better coordination and implementation.
  32. Budgeting of maintenance for buildings built after 1990 is generally included in building costs. However, budgeting for buildings built before 1990 remains a problem.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.