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September 14 2004

University of the Pacific
Minutes, September 14, 2004
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:07

Present: Brodnick, Chi, Ensign, Gilbertson, Hoverstad, Jacobson, King, Lackey, Meer, Perro, Richmond, Sina, Sexton

Not Present: Cavanaugh, Fries, Miller

Minutes: Minutes of the August 31 meeting were reviewed, revised, and approved.

Standing Reports:

Gilbertson reviewed assignments for upcoming IPC presentations and timeframes for committee work. He also announced that a proposed schedule of the planning and budget process will be available at the next meeting.

Brodnick updated the Committee on enrollment:

  • Thirty four registrations were canceled on Monday, 9/13.
  • Freshmen enrollment is approximately 885.
  • Undergraduate enrollment has exceeded projections.
  • Graduate enrollment is slightly ahead.
  • First Professional is as expected.
  • Dental enrollment is right on target.
  • Law is slightly ahead.

Current Agenda Items:

FY04 Budget Supplemental Allocations

Perro mentioned that both the Law School and Dental School ended FY04 with extra reserves. The Stockton campus also ended well last year because of an increase in the summer session tuition and an increase in CPCE enrollment.

Perro also distributed a handout containing proposed supplemental allocations from FY04 year-end surplus. They are as follows:

  1. Student Life Programs: One-time enhancements to International Programs and Services as well as outreach for underrepresented students.
  2. Recreation and Athletic Equipment: Provide equipment to support athletic and training programs.
  3. Advancement: Enhancements for communications and web improvements.
  4. Professional Development: One-time allocation to assist startup of new Pharmacy faculty and for Modern Language, and literature training.
  5. Campus Improvements: Upgrade the west edge of the campus along Pershing from the river bridge to Larry Heller Drive entrance around Mendocino to the Pacific Intercollegiate Athletic Center parking lot. Includes replacement of information kiosks.
  6. Academic Facility Improvement: Improve classrooms, laboratories, Engineering Lab, WPC Offices and Language Lab, Library renovations, air conditioning in Chemistry Building, Mac lab in Education, and COP classroom improvements.

Regarding item 5, it has been determined that the west side (Pershing Avenue) entrance of the campus has become the main entrance. Beautification of the grounds, completion of the new baseball stadium and fencing upgrades are needed.

Gilbertson stressed the need for signage at the west entrance. He also mentioned that there are still renovation investigations relating to Owen Hall.

Review of IPC'S Planning and Budget Processes

Given the change in the board meeting schedule, bi-weekly IPC meetings, and long deliberations, the final IPC budget recommendations were delayed last year. The IT budget, however, was presented with greater clarity. In addition, the strategic focus and linkages made by the VPs aided the process and should be continued again this year. Still, Gilbertson suggested the process be completed in a more timely fashion. This year we need to set a specific timeline. Meer added that the group may wish to consider baseline budget adjustments to keep pace with rising costs.

Next meeting: September 28, 2004, 3-5pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:35