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September 27 2005

University of the Pacific
Minutes, September 27, 2005
Library Community Room

Call to Order: 2:04

Present: Brodnick, Byl, Brennan, Cavanaugh, Ensign, Frederick, King, Kreitzman, Perro, Sexton, Sina, Spreer, Vierra

Not Present: Chi, Gilbertson, Lackey, Miller, Royce-Davis

Guest: Matt Olson, Student Life

Minutes: Minutes of the September 13 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports:

Craig Vierra is serving on IPC in place of Paul Richmond.

Current Agenda Items:

Student Housing

Olson presented an off-campus housing report citing the top three reasons students prefer living off campus as compared to on campus:

  • Authority - students feel that University policies are too strict
  • Quality of life - residents and townhouses are dirty
  • Availability -  2200 beds as compared to 4600 students

A survey of nearby apartment communities shows that the average cost for students to live on-campus is on par with a studio apartment, but once students find a roommate the economics of scale make off-campus housing much more attractive. In some cases the savings could be as much as $70 per student per month. Currently, 48% of the total campus population is housed on-campus. The most popular residence among students is the McCaffrey Center Apts followed by Monagan Hall.

Peer Group Construction

According to Brodnick, a concern of campus leaders is how Pacific compares to its peers. The peer groups already in use at Pacific showed more differences than similarities. The Planning and Research office did an analyses on peer groups and recommendations were presented for a new peer institution framework based on the results. The method was accomplished in  four steps.

    Step One. A quantitative methodology was used to select institutional peers.

  • IO - the basic input and output measures traditionally used as proxies for academic quality
  • Control - public or private, tuition, and class size
  • Research - proportion of enrollment at the graduate and professional levels and percentage of expenditures on research
  • Affluence - endowment and percent of expenditures on student support services
  • Aid - percent of freshman class that received aid
  • Size - enrollment and institutional expenditures
  • Diversity - percent of the undergraduate population that was non-white

    Step Two. After the top 35 peers were identified, regional peer institutions were added. In all 14 additional institutions were added bringing the total peer group to 49.

    Step Three. Universities other than national doctoral can be helpful in comparisons. The top two regional universities from each of the four regions was added. Seven more peers were added making the total peer group of 56 institutions.

    Step Four. The results were again filtered to further customize the peer list.

It is suggested that a final edit of this list be accomplished. It is expected that detailed data will be compiled from the peers each year to enhance peer analyses

Final Budget of 2005

Cavanaugh informed the Committee that the three campuses combined ended with an operating surplus of 7.3 million dollars. Enrollment in CPCE and the summer sessions was higher than expected.

The President presented to the Board the financing of three major facilities: Biology Building, University Center, and the Law School Library. The Dental School is also expected to have some improvements.

As Pacific nears it's end of a five-year agreement with Capitol Public Radio and the operation of KUOP, it was decided to secure expert assistance in analyzing all of the University's options regarding this potentially valuable asset. Options include negotiating a new operating agreement with CPR or some other operator, or selling the station/license.

If all goes as planned, according to Cavanaugh, ground breaking for the Student Center will take place in spring 2006. The Center will include a pub, event center, conference room, indoor/outdoor eating areas, and also house Student Life.

Next meeting: October 11, 2005, 2-4pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:55