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September 28 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes for September 28, 2000
Taylor Conference Room

Committee Members Present: Benedetti, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson (chair), King, Kirkland, KruegerDevine, Lundergan, Meer, Myers, Oppenheimer, Stark.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the September 21, 2000 meeting were approved as revised.

Provost’s Announcements:

n The program review for dining services will be postponed one year.

n The final version of the Planning and Budget Assumptions and Recommendations will be distributed to appropriate individuals.

n The Administrative Retreat is scheduled for January 16, 2001. Planning is underway for a relatively small meeting, in the neighborhood of 25 to 35 participants.

Committee Discussion:

n The Provost distributed copies of a memo dated September 21, 2000 from Jean Purnell and Sharon Hudson to Philip Gilbertson and Jonathan Meer regarding the Management Action Plan for the University web site. The Committee discussed the memo.

n The Committee devoted considerable time to proposed revisions of the University of the Pacific Mission Vision Priorities 1996-2001. (MVP Booklet). The Provost distributed copies of a document regarding proposed changes to the University Vision Statement.

Planning Assumptions. The Committee worked from a memo dated September 6, 2000 from David Brock to Judy Chambers regarding proposed changes to the six planning assumptions contained in the MVP Booklet.

Planning Assumption Number 1. The Committee decided that it would be wise to separate the planning assumption focused on the "residential character and beauty of the three campuses" from the planing assumption regarding enrollment. Thus, two planning assumptions will be established. The Committee grappled with language for the assumption regarding the three campuses.

Planning Assumption Number 2. The Committee worked on language regarding diversity and academic quality. Jonathan Meer suggested the following language: "Recognizing the primacy of its academic mission, the University will emphasize academic achievement and excellence in the pursuit of a diverse and talented student body, faculty, staff, and administration."

Planning Assumption Number 3. The third assumption addresses the mix of liberal arts and professional programs at UOP. The Committee worked with the language proposed in David Brock’s memo of September 6. It was suggested that this planning assumption should not discuss technology. It was further suggested that language for this planning assumption might be derived from the document prepared by the IPC for use at the June 8, 2000 Retreat. Language in that document states: "The University will include a mix of liberal arts, professional, and select graduate programs."

Planning Assumption Number 4. The fourth assumption addresses, inter alia, the learning community, leadership, and the importance of the general education program. Further discussion is required regarding this assumption.

Planning Assumption Number 5. Assumption number 5 recognizes the importance and centrality of the College of the Pacific. The Committee discussed the importance of perpetuating the second sentence of assumption number 5, which states that "Professional schools and programs will continue to depend on COP to offer core courses required in the preparation of their students." The Committee discussed the possibility of deleting the last sentence of assumption number 5, which states that "COP programs will be designed to attract more students to the liberal arts and sciences and to accelerate professional preparation."

Planning Assumption Number 6. The Committee agreed on the continuation of "the teacher-scholar model for faculty." The Committee appears to agree on a slightly modified version of the language suggested in the Brock memo, to wit: "The University affirms the teacher-scholar model for faculty, which defines teaching and student learning as primary activities, while recognizing and supporting scholarship and research as vital to that enterprise."

Possible addition of a Seventh Planning Assumption. The document prepared by the IPC for use at the June 8, 2000 Retreat contained a Planning Assumption Number 8, which states: "The University will join with its surrounding communities to pursue new avenues for student learning and community engagement." (language changed somewhat from June 8 document based on suggestions made at September 28 IPC meeting). At its September 28 meeting, the Committee discussed the possibility of adding this language as a seventh planning assumption.

The Committee will devote further effort to reshaping the Planning Assumptions for the revised MVP Booklet.

n Planning Priorities. The Committee briefly discussed proposed changes in the MVP Booklet Planning Priorities. The Committee worked from a document titled Planning Priorities Draft #1, distributed by Kerry KruegerDevine. The Committee with devote further attention to the Planning Priorities.