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September 6 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes September 6, 2001
Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Gilbertson [chair], Benedetti, Brock, King, Kramer, KruegerDevine, Lundergan, Meer, Olson, Sina, Stark

1. Minutes: Minutes were approved from the 8-30-01 meeting.

2. Announcement: Gilbertson announced that Pacific had earned a 2nd tier recognition in US News and World Report national rankings of universities.

3. PHS scholarships allocation discussion was tabled until next meeting.

4. New Issues: FY 01 Year End Budget Adjustments

Gilbertson reported on FY 01 savings. He noted that even though there were energy cost overages as expected, there was also an increase in physical plant revenue to offset some of those costs.

Gilbertson noted that the initial ending unrestricted budget surplus is $3,150,000. This includes Reserve Accumulation Fund of $1.25 million and unrestricted bequests of $700,000. A little over $2 million will be transferred to quasi endowment with a little over $1 million proposed for specific projects. Those proposed projects were reviewed by the committee.

As a part of IPC discussion, the committee will request from VP Cavanaugh a log of renovation, improvement, and relocation projects either planned and/or completed on campus. This log will serve as an update to IPC and also a planning document for future needs.

Gilbertson answered questions with regard to “2nd tier” requests for funding that were not proposed. Particularly OISR and library requests were discussed. Based upon priorities, those requests did not make the proposed group.

Olson asked if there were any other campus lighting initiatives in the requested stating that students felt a need for specific lighting improvements on parts of campus. Benedetti suggested that it may be time for a more detailed campus safety audit to identify areas of need.

Olson asked if there had been any discussion with regard to additional funding for the recycling plan. There had been no requests.

A short discussion followed concerning the new bike racks proposed for the campus.

5. Program Reviews: Gilbertson presented the Proposed Program Review Recommendations for the School of Law, and the Departments of Biological Sciences, Economics, Sociology and Theater Arts.

School of Law:

Brock asked about the enrollment figures for this fall in the School of Law. Gilbertson explained that because of a very effective recruiting effort, even with increased acceptance standards, the School of Law will exceed its enrollment goals for the year. Discussion followed regarding the School's pass rate and the its evolution over the years. Gilbertson praised the work of the review panel.

Department of Biological Sciences:

Benedetti and Gilbertson praised the new biological sciences building completed this summer. Benedetti discussed the budgeting levels of biological sciences, noting that progress has been made toward the budgeting level targeted. Gilbertson noted that the decision had been made to cap biological sciences enrollment.

Department of Economics:

Gilbertson praised the department for increased collaboration with the School of Business to assist with increasing enrollment of majors. Gilbertson noted the quality of the faculty in that department as another factor in improving enrollments.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.