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September 9, 2008

University of the Pacific - IPC
Minutes, September 9, 2008
Library Community Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:06 p.m.

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Dodson, Frederick, Gilbertson, Gong, King, Klunk, Krise, Lackey, Perrot, Schmidt, Swagerty

Not Present: Burk, Griego, Leland, Rose, Zumout

Special Guest:
Rob Alexander

Minutes: Minutes of August 26th meeting approved with minor edit.

Announcements: n/a

Enrollment Planning:
Alexander presented an analysis which focused on a more efficient process of admitting students and additional opportunities with financial aid. In order to make Pacific desirable we will need to modify our preconditions, enhance our marketing and financial aid Merit Scholarships. 

Pacific has invested $500K with a direct marketing firm to assist with our applicant pool to better attract students prior to graduating from high school. Once we have our targeted audience, we then market ourselves to those students with our new Fast Application process (launching soon) which would allow students to review their application and receive a quick turn-a-round along with any options for scholarships.  This will greatly increase enrollment applications. Our goal is to have students visit and apply early. Successful direct marketing can improve academic profile, increase number of enrolled, improve geographic diversity and increase tuition numbers. Precautions are being put in place to ensure that we do not admit too many students, yet ensure the quality of student that Pacific desires.

Budget Recap and Outlook FY08:  The Unrestricted Funds Budget is in draft form. Cavanaugh reviewed all three campuses and their operating surplus to utilize for projects that were not funding during the FY 08/09. This report will be finalized in the near future. 
Sacramento Campus: $115K operating surplus will be applied to the Library Renovation and Human Resources Reserve.
San Francisco Campus: $718K operating surplus will be applied to equipment and technology needs, minor building repairs and alterations, Academic Innovation/Business Continuity Plan and West Wing project.
Stockton Campus: $1.3M operating surplus.  Final adjustments and approval from the President are still pending. A majority of the funds will be applied to one-time expenditures in Academic Programs, Advancement Publications & Reporting System, Campus Security Enhancements, History of Pacific after President Burns and the Presidential Search and Inauguration.

Unrestricted Funds for Budget FY09:      This report is a preliminary draft.  When originally budgeting in April 2008 our economic uncertainties with enrollment and short-term investment markets were not projecting well.  Once our enrollment numbers were confirmed significant adjustments were made largely due to our large enrollment numbers for the FY08/09.
Sacramento Campus:  $350K additional net revenue.  A few expenditure adjustments have been revised towards the operating reserves.
San Francisco Campus:  No changes for the Unrestricted Funds for FY08/09.
Stockton Campus: $1.6M additional revenue due to significantly higher enrollments. A few variances are being adjusted and still pending on Athletics, Marketing, renovation of the McCaffery Center and the relocation of our OIT division to commercial office space (1776 March Lane, Stockton, CA).  This move is tentatively scheduled for October 2008.

Strategic Action Plan Revisions:  Currently collecting the revisions to the SAP actions through the lead partners of each division and should have completed by our next meeting.  The new IPC cycle suggest we do the SAP revisions in early Fall and follow through the budget request cycle. 

Adjourn: 3:40 p.m.