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Production Calendars

General Catalog 2007-08 Production Timeline

Action Item Date
Catalog hardcopy copy sent to departments. No courses will be revised unless approved by Academic Affairs no later than the Feb. 1, 2007 meeting. Agenda items for 2/1/07 meeting due to Provost’s Office Jan. 19, 2007.

Courses approved by Academic Affairs after this deadline will be posted to the on-line catalog version when available.
Mon., Dec 4, 2006
Catalog revisions returned to Registrar’s Office by noon Thurs, February 8, 2007
Registrar’s Office reviews copy for accuracy of information submitted via Banner. Fri., Feb 9 - March 12, 2007
Proofs reviewed by school designee for final minor revisions Tues. , Mar. 13 - 21, 2007
Registrar’s Office reviews minor revisions Thurs. March 22 – 27, 2007
Registrar’s Office revisions to designer for 1st round Galley Wed., Mar. 28, 2007
Designer returns 1st Galley to Registrar’s Office Wed., Apr. 4, 2007
Registrar’s Office reviews and returns 1st Galley to designer Wed. , Apr 18, 2007
2nd round of Galleys from designer Wed., Apr. 25, 2007
Registrar’s Office returns 2nd Galley revisions to designer Wed., May 2, 2007
Catalog copy sent to printer Wed., May 16, 2007
Catalog delivery to campus Wed., Jun. 13, 2007
Distribution of catalog to campus Fri., Jun. 15, 2007
1st Orientation session Thurs., Jun 26 -27, 2007

last revised: 12/4/06

Schedule of Classes Production Calendar

Download the  Complete 2008 Schedule of Classes Production Calendar.

ActivitySpring 2008PH Winter 2008
Department/School Scheduler:
Faculty Schedule of Classes (FSC) and SSASECT open for data entry
Office of the Registrar:
Scheduling 101 Training Open
Sign up for group training (TBD). After, if needed, make an appointment for one-on-one training with Tricia Isbill (6-2135)Sign up for group training (TBD). After, if needed, make an appointment for one-on-one training with Tricia Isbill (6-2135)
Office of the Registrar:
1st reminder email of upcoming deadline.
Office of the Registrar:
2nd reminder email of upcoming deadline.
Department/School Scheduler:
Deadline for Data Entry to be completed (Access to SSASECT closed)
Office of the Registrar:
Verify data entry, run and correct error reports, resolve questions/ problems and assign rooms.
Department/School Scheduler:
Final Proof begins using FSC
GE and Special Programs:
Review and verify courses and attributes
Department/School Scheduler:
Deadline to submit changes to Registrar's Office via Schedule of Classes Change form.
Office of the Registrar:
Processes Schedule Change forms submitted.
Office of the Registrar:
Class Schedule Open to Students and Public
Department/School Scheduler:
Enrollment, Room, Permission or Instructor changes can be submitted via email. All other changes via Schedule Change form.
Department/School Scheduler: 
10/15 - 11/210/15 - 10/22

last revised: 5/24/07