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Repetition of a Course/Grade Replacement Policy

Pacific courses taken for the first time after Summer 2008 are NOT eligible for grade replacement. Other aspects of University grading policies, including grade averaging, have not been changed.

  1. Students can repeat a course for grade replacement if they have received a C- or lower the first time they took the class.
  2. Any given course can be repeated one time only, whether for grade replacement or grade averaging. The student receives credit for the units of the course only once. Basic skills courses are exempt from the one repeat rule.
  3. The last grade received is the grade that will be calculated into the GPA although the transcript will include all courses and earned grades.
  4. Students may exercise their grade replacement rights up to a maximum of three times while enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at Pacific. Basic skills are exempt from the three times rule.
  5. Students must complete a "Grade Replacement" form to assure the course will be calculated correctly. The form is available online on the Office of the Registrar website under Forms.
  6. The policy applies only to courses originally taken at Pacific prior to Fall 2008 and repeated at Pacific.
  7. Once a course is completed (with a grade of C- or higher) the student may not repeat any prerequisites for that course.
  8. The grading option, when repeating a course, must be the same as the one used originally.
  9. If the original course or the repeated course is taken at another institution, the Pacific grade is used in the Pacific grade point averages, although the student receives credit for the units of the course only once.
  10. Grade averaging is applied when a grade replacement form isn't submitted and approved or their three grade replacement has been used.
  11. In any course or program where enrollment demand exceeds the resources to offer sufficient openings or sections to meet that demand, the academic unit may give registration priority to students taking the course for the first time.

If you have a eligible course, please visit the Registrar's Forms Page to complete the "UNDERGRADUATE GRADE REPLACEMENT PETITION"

    Dean's Designee by School:
    College of the Pacific: 
    Eberhardt School of Business: 
    Benerd School of Education: Marilyn Draheim
    School of Engineering and Computer Science: Gary Martin
    School of International Studies: Mary Lou Tyler
    Conservatory of Music: 
    Speech Language Pathology: Bob Hanyak