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How Students Connect to WiFi

Students can use WiFi by connecting to the student wireless - PacificNet.

Configuring Your Laptop for PacificNet Wireless:

PacificNet WiFi uses WPA2/WPA Enterprise, TKIP Encryption, with Protected EAP (PEAP) and you'll use your PacificNet ID credentials to authenticate.

Below are links to detailed instructions for how to configure your laptop workstations to connect to PacificNet.

Pacific Network Authentication Control (NAC) Application:

The first time you connect to PacificNet you will be prompted to install the Pacific Network Authentication Control (NAC) application.  This same tool is used on the wired connections within the Pacific Residential Halls.

If you would like to install the application before connecting to PacificNet - here are links to the installation packages.  Select the package for your Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh operating system.

For more information about Pacific's NAC application, please see the OITFAQs.

Configuring Other (non-laptop) Device for PacificNet Wireless:

If you have a mobile device, a gaming device, etc you might find the following links to OITFAQ articles helpful.

    If there are questions regarding connecting to the PacificNet wireless, please contact the Customer Support Center at 209.946.7400 or helpdesk@pacific.edu.