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Microsoft Windows Vista - Student Connection to PacificNet

Below are detailed instructions for how to configure your Microsoft Windows Vista laptop workstations to connect to the Pacific WiFi - PacificNet.

Windows Vista:

You must have Windows Vista with latest updates (available at http://www.update.microsoft.com) as well as a wireless card installed and working before configuring your computer for 802.1x wireless authentication. It is also extremely important that you have the latest drivers installed for your network card.

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Select the Control Panel, switch to Classic View and open Network Connections.
  3. Choose Manually connect to a wireless network from the left menu options. 
    • If the Manually connect to a wireless network option is not present, make sure that your wireless network adapter appears in the Network Connections folder as a wireless connection and is enabled. If your wireless network adapter appears in the Network Connections folder as a wired connection, ensure that you have installed the latest driver for your adapter that is designed for Windows Vista.
  4. Windows Vista will display a Manually connect to a wireless network dialog box.   Enter PacificNet for the Network Name. For the Security type choose WPA-Enterprise.  For Encryption type choose AES or TKIP.  Select Next.
  5. Select Change connection settings, Windows Vista displays the PacificNet Wireless Network Properties dialog box.
  6. Click the Connection tab and verify that there is a check mark next to Connect automatically when this network is in range and Connect even if the network is not broadcasting.
  7. Click the Security tab and verify that Choose a network authentication method is Protected EAP (PEAP), check Cache user information for subsequent connection to this network.
  8. Select the Settings... option, uncheck the Validate sever certificate.
  9. Under the Select Authentication Method check the Enable Fast Reconnect and Enforce Network Access Protection. Choose Configure...
  10. Windows Vista will display an EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties dialog window, uncheck the Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)... box and click OK until you are back to the desktop.
  11. Click the bubble at the bottom of the screen that asks for credentials for PacificNet when it appears.
  12. Enter your PacificNet ID and password; authentication may take up to 30 seconds the first time authenticating.
  13. Once authentication is successful you are authenticated onto PacificNet and have network/Internet access.

If there are questions regarding connecting to the PacificNet wireless, please contact the Customer Support Center (CSC) Helpdesk at 209.946.7400 or helpdesk@pacific.edu.