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Pacific Sakai Upgrade June 28-29

Jun 28, 2014

Pacific Sakai will be upgraded (from version to version on June 28th 10pm - June 29th 2am.  The new version contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Most of the core Sakai tool (Announcements, Discussion Forums, Gradbook, Syllabus, Resources) function (and look) the same way they currently do.Significant tool changes include:

  • Announcements: Announcement reordering is enabled by default.
  • Assignments: Peer review - instructors can allow student scoring and comments for an assignment.  An instructor sets the review period after the due date and can provide review instructions for students via rich text editor; the instructor can also make reviews anonymous, choose whether students can see peer reviews of their submissions, and remove specific peer reviews.  Additional options for TurnItIn Service (originality checking) including ability to exclude items such as those in bibliography or quoted text.
  • Drop Box: An instructor can upload a single file to multiple selected student dropboxes.
  • Kaltura: Has been updated to version 20131028.  This latest version includes a variety of bug fixes to improve usability and performance.
  • Syllabus: A redesigned interface with a "table of contents" view that lets students easily access and expand specific syllabus items, without scrolling the entire syllabus. Instructors can drag and drop to reorder syllabus items, as well as edit specific syllabus items inline from the table of contents view.  Syllabus items can be created/updated in bulk.  Start and end dates for syllabus items can be added and included in Calendar tool.

Significant Fixed Bugs:

  • Assignments: When grading an assigment targeted to a group, the list of students will not display unless the "submit to assignments" (asn.submet) permission is enabled (CLE-10731)
  • Assignments/Turnitin: If special characters (such as "&" and "%") are in the title of an assignment sent to the Turnitin service, the result is a "206" error during submission queue processing (CLE-10755/TII-152)
  • Profile/Roster: A user's profile image does not diplay in the Roster tool when either "Official Photos" or "Picture from Profiles" is selected (CLE-10126)
  • Site Editor: When a roster is added to a course site with a custom title, the site title changes to the name of the added roster (CLE-10200).  Course site title changes after more course rosters added (CLE-10624)

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