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Phone and Voicemail Upgrade

May 20, 2011

As a reminder, OIT-Telecommunications will upgrade the university's phone system on Friday May 20th from 11:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. There will be intermittent phone downtime during this upgrade. Times have been coordinated with Public Safety on all three campuses to minimize impact to them. Since the phone upgrade focuses on changes to platform and administrative functions, we don't anticipate any user-facing changes.

If there is an emergency during a time when the phones are unavailable, call 209.598.2546 to reach Public Safety or call 911 to reach Stockton Police.

The voicemail system will be upgraded on Tuesday, May 24th starting at 11 p.m. Voicemail will be unavailable from approximately 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. during this time. All greetings and voicemail passwords will be automatically moved to the upgraded system, and there will be no need for you to re-record your passwords or greetings. Voicemail saved in the old system will not be retrievable from the phone after the upgrade; however, they will remain accessible in your email. As a result of the upgrade, voicemail will have the following new features and changes:

  • The ability to interact with voicemail on the phone via voice commands. For example, to play messages, you will be able to just say, "Play Messages" after signing on to voicemail.
  • There is a new email plug-in for listening to voicemail from Outlook. Your local technical support provider and the Customer Support Center will assist you in installing this plug-in. It will also be available for download from the OITFAQ website.
  • In addition to the Standard, Alternate, and other greetings, a Holiday greeting guided by each campus' holiday schedule will be available for you to setup.
  • Message Monitor, or the feature to monitor voicemails from your phone as voicemails are being left, will no longer be available in the upgraded system.
  • Voicemail will appear in email marked by a blue category box if you choose to use the voicemail plug-in.
  • You will see a new system file folder in Outlook called "Voice Outbox". This is a temporary holding place for outgoing voicemail. You will not be able to interact with voicemails in this folder.
  • The web interface to customize voicemail has a new look and feel.