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Election Process

Nomination Period: The time period when Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is accepting nominations for new representatives is usually mid-Spring. To submit a colleague's name for nomination, or to self-nominate, email

SAC representatives communicate with their constituent group regarding staff issues and SAC activities, as well as represent constituent concerns at SAC meetings. Representatives serve two-year terms and serve constituent groups within their divisions.
Nomination Period end with a confirmation of the nomination by the election committee.

For the current 2014-2016 term, SAC has reorganized the representation system.

In order to fulfill the requirements of our by-laws, prior to the election, our constituent list was reviewed by division and by constituent count/designation of non-exempt and exempt status.  We further received information from both internal and external sources that our representation grouping was not effectively reaching all area constituents and a reorganization to enhance communication from SAC representatives to constituents would be welcome.  

The review considered equal representation from constituents in both categories, both exempt and non-exempt and from the administrative and academic divisions.  Based on the count in the administrative areas, a number of representatives were assigned, i.e., President's Division, 1 rep and Student Life, 2 reps.  Furthermore, equal representation, both from non-exempt and exempt staff. Rather than the Provost division having a total number of representatives, these have been divided between academic schools and academic administrative offices.  This will further allow representatives to have direct contact with their constituents (both in physical proximity and within the area of communication).  For the six Schools (PHS, COP, ESB, BSE, CON, ECS) on Stockton campus, two groups were combined within close proximity and to equal a seat.  Education & Eng, C.S. are grouped and Conservatory and Business are grouped, each with one seat.  Pharmacy & H.S. has one seat, COP has one seat.  Between the four seats in this grouping, two will be exempt and two will be non-exempt.  Academic Affairs has an additional three seats, one from the Library and two from administrative offices.  McGeorge campus has two seats which represent both Non-Exempt and Exempt and Administrative/Academic offices within the School.  The break down is such that it allows representation from divisions, areas of proximity and both exempt and non-exempt staff have representation. Open seats for the 2014-2016 cycle are:

Division Classification Cycle Seat
Stockton campus Administrative Units:
External Rel. Open Exempt 2016 1
Bus & Finance Open Exempt 2016 1
Student Life Open Non-Exempt 2016 1
President's Open Exempt 2016 1
Academic Units
Academic Affairs OPEN Non-Exempt 2016 1
Academic Affairs OPEN Non-Exempt 2016 1
McGeorge Open Non-Exempt 2016 1
COP Open Exempt 2016 1
CONS/BUS Open Exempt 2016 1
Total: 9