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Officers, Representatives and Committee Members

2014-15 Staff Advisory Council Officers

Chair   Marshea Pratt
Chair-Elect  Becky Davis
Secretary  Sally Draper
Treasurer  Stacey Lucchesi
Communications Chair Jaci Griffen


2014-2015 Representatives

Staff Advisory Council Representatives are elected by their peers and serve constituent groups within their divisions, both exempt and non-exempt staff in grades 1-11, with each representative serving no more than 40 staff members. Representatives serve 2-year terms, and terms are staggered so that only half the council rotates off in a given year. The role of the representative is to communicate with the constituent group regarding staff issues and SAC activities carried out on their behalf, as well as to represent constituent concerns at SAC meetings.





Rep Through



Business & Finance Vacant Exempt  
Stacy Luchessi Stacey Lucchesi (Treasurer)


2015 6.2159  
Development SAC Representative Marshea Pratt (Chair) Exempt 2015 6.2899  
External Relations Christine Hammerberg Christine Hammerberg Exempt 2015 6.2728  
President Vacant Exempt  
Provost Vacant Exempt  

Becky Davis


Exempt 2016 6.2572  
Jack S Jack Schroeder Exempt 2015 6.2152  
Vacant Non-Exempt 2015
Lauri McInnis Lauri McInnis (Secretary) Non-Exempt
2015 6.2561  
Derek Heath Derek Heath Non-Exempt 2015 6.3968  
Linda Selvidge Linda Selvidge Non-Exempt 2015 6.2952  
Student Life Erin R Erin Rausch Exempt 2016 6.2016  
Jan W Jan Wammack Non-Exempt 2016 6.2538  
McGeorge Sally Draper Exempt 2015 916.739.7188  


SAC Representative

Business Managers Christine Hammerberg
Campus Safety & Security Advisory Committee Vacant
Community Service & Outreach Vacant
Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) Sara Kleinert
Informational Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC) John McClimans
President's Advisory Council Marshea Pratt
Scholarship Committee Jack Schroeder, Linda Selvidge
University Compensation Scott Rivinius, Stacey Lucchesi
University Dining Committee Kathleen Hastings
University Diversity Vacant
University Facilities Vacant
HR Task Force Marshea Pratt