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Tiger Gift Campaign Senior Class Challenge

What did you get from your time at Pacific? A mentor? A new way of looking at the world? The chance to study overseas? A best friend? A chance to help others? Chances are alumni support helped to give you something that matters. It's never too soon to think about giving back-that's part of being a Tiger for Life.

You can make a difference with your own philanthropy right now. You don't have to wait until you've reached the height of your career, or made a lot of money or even finished graduate school.

The value of your gift is even greater than its dollar amount. Giving every year sends a message that the newest generation of alumni understands the role of philanthropy in their own education. That you are a part of the Pacific community and feel invested in the University's future.

Make your Tiger Gift today and designate your support to your school, department, student org or favorite athletic team.