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Principles of Good Practice Supporting Early Career Faculty

American Association of Higher Education (2001) http://www.aahe.org (type early career)


1.  Good practice communicates expectations for performance

  • Orientation program for new faculty
  • More specific and descriptive unit guidelines
  • Promote more encompassing criteria that promote the scholarship of teaching
2.  Good practice gives feedback on progress
  • Annual review should be clear, honest, highlight what is going well, clarify what merits attention and offer concrete suggestions for improvement
  • Develop other means than student ratings on the evaluation of teaching such as peer review and teaching portfolios

3.  Good practice enhances collegial review processes

  • Incorporate a thorough peer review evaluation in the third year

4.  Good practice creates flexible timelines for tenure

  • Include options for “early tenure” by counting previous work of “stopping the clock” for parenting or illness


5.  Good practice encourages mentoring by senior faculty
  • Develop different mentoring programs and models at the department/unit level
  • Evaluate and reward senior faculty of nurturing new faculty
  • Encourage collaboration between senior and junior faculty in scholarship or team-teaching
6.  Good practice extends mentoring and feedback to graduate students who aspire to become faculty members
  • Duplicate for graduate students many of the supportive activities provided for faculty

7.  Good practice recognizes the department chair as a career sponsor

  • Write helpful evaluations in the first and second year
  • Facilitate and monitor points 1-5


8.  Good practice supports teaching

  • Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Internal grants for teaching

9. Good practice supports scholarly development

  • Try to have a lighter teaching load or to minimize preparations for early career faculty
  • Internal grants for faculty scholarship
  • Increase start-up packages
  • Promote undergraduate research

10. Good practice fosters a balance between professional and personal life

  • Year-long orientation program for a new faculty