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    Pacific Enrollment for 2010-2011 School Year

    Aug 19, 2010

    More than 1,000 freshmen are expected to attend University of the Pacific for the 2010-2011 school year. That is nearly 150 more students than last year, making it Pacific's largest freshman class ever.

    The incoming freshman class is also one of the most academically gifted in Pacific's history, with an average 3.49 high school GPA. Among the first-year students, the most popular academic programs are biology, engineering, business and pre-pharmacy. Many of the new students come from communities in the surrounding area. The incoming freshman class includes 324 students from San Joaquin, Sacramento, Stanislaus or Calaveras counties. That number has grown by more than 100 students in the past two years.

    This year also marks the largest projected class of transfer students in almost two decades - nearly 300. Total enrollment for 2010-11 is projected to be 6,676.

    Enrollment figures will be finalized on Oct. 1.

    Overall Student Profile

    • 6,676 students are expected to enroll at Pacific for the 2010-2011 school year

    • Total enrollment includes 5,093 students at the Stockton campus; 1,050 students at the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento; and 533 students at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco

    • 3,767 undergraduate students

    • 764 graduate students

    • 2,145 students in Pacific's professional programs, including pharmacy (640), dental (485), law (1020)

    Freshmen Student Profile:

    • The 2010-2011 freshman class is expected to be the largest in school history

    • 1043 freshmen have indicated they will attend Pacific in the fall

    • Average high school GPA is 3.49

    • Average SAT score is 1161

    • 58 percent are women; 42 percent men

    • 38 percent are Caucasian; 33 percent Asian; 14 percent Hispanic; 3 percent African-American; 2 percent multiethnic; 1 percent Native American; 5 percent unknown, 4 percent are international students.

    • 17% are legacy students (parent, grandparent, sibling are alumni or employees of Pacific).

    Freshmen Geography

    • 324 students come from local communities (San Joaquin, Sacramento, Stanislaus and Calaveras counties), compared to 209 local students in 2008

    • 372 students are from northern California (not including those from local communities)

    • 200 students are from southern California

    • The freshman class includes 43 international students (33 last year)

    • Australia, Brazil, Canada China, Ecuador, Hungary, India, Israel, Korea, Malawi, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Venezuela.

    Freshmen Academics

    • The biology, business, engineering and pre-pharmacy academic programs received the most applications

    • Engineering, business and pre-pharmacy however have the largest group of incoming students

    • 153 students plan to study engineering

    • 140 students plan to study business

    • 104 students plan to enroll in the pre-pharmacy program

    Profiles on four incoming freshman students.

    Student-created video about the incoming class: