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    Eibeck to Reach Out to Ecuador, Reconnect with Latin America

    Oct 18, 2010

    President Pamela Eibeck will visit with graduates of Pacific's Elbert Covell College during a trip to Ecuador later this month, becoming the first Pacific President to visit South America since Robert Burns in the early 1960s. She will meet with education and business leaders and discuss how ties between Latin America and Pacific can be strengthened.

    "Now more than ever we must connect with communities around the world in order to stay competitive and relevant," said President Pamela A. Eibeck. "By connecting to South and Central America, we can openly exchange ideas and work together in this increasingly global world."

    Eibeck will be in Ecuador during the last week of October. She will serve as an ambassador from Pacific to Ecuador and visit a gathering there of Pacific alumni, many from Covell College. Covell College, founded in 1963 and disbanded in 1982, was a unique liberal arts school at Pacific where all the courses were taught in Spanish and half the students were from Central and South America. The program was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in 1963 and was recognized by President John F. Kennedy as a significant program in U.S.-Latin American relations.

    During the trip, Eibeck has scheduled several meetings with Latin American alumni, from small group meetings to shared sightseeing tours. She hopes to reconnect the alumni to Pacific and ask for their help in recruiting more students from Latin America to study at Pacific.

    She also will address the Latin American School of Social Sciences to discuss Pacific's vision of inter-American education.  Topics will include the history of Covell College and Pacific's present day Inter-American Program, the importance of inter-American education for Pacific Rim universities, and the importance of preparing students for a global environment. Professor Gene Bigler, a specialist in U.S.-Latin American relations, will accompany Eibeck on portions of her trip.

    Eibeck also will give a speech to Ecuador's Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  She will discuss the value of private sector leadership and the importance of cooperation between educational institutions, businesses and civic organizations across the continents of North and South America.

    Eibeck plans to meet with representatives from Ecuador's National Secretariat of Sciences and Technology to discuss recruitment, scholarship and graduate research opportunities in the U.S. for Ecuadoran students.  She will also visit Academia Cotopaxi, an Ecuadorian school that has has two recent graduates attending classes in Stockton now.  In addition, she will visit the U.S. Embassy, St. Francis University of Quito and its related high school, and sit down with the editorial board of the Diario Hoy newspaper.