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    Japanese Festival Announced for October

    Sep 9, 2010

    3rd Pacific Japanese Festival

    Imagine you are sitting in a theatre, waiting for an opera performance to begin, but when the curtains on stage part, you are surprised. Instead of actors in European costumes and Viking helmets singing Italian or French, you see performers in bright, almost outlandish robes. They are also wearing colorful wigs and their faces are painted pale white, disguising their true identity. Welcome to Kabuki, a Japanese opera.

    Kabuki is a traditional, highly stylized, Japanese dance and drama. On Saturday, Oct. 23rd, during Pacific's Japanese Festival, a Kabuki dance show will be presented. The annual Japanese Festival aims to bring various aspects of the Japanese culture to Pacific's campus. As well as the Kabuki dance show, it will include a photo exhibition, a lecture on Buddhism and Zen, a movie, and a video game competition. 

    The festival will run from Oct. 15 to the 24th.

    Exhibition OYAKO (Parents and Children) by Bruce Osborn

    Oct. 15-24 in the Jeanette Powell Art Center-Foyer Gallery

    Admission is FREE.

    Bruce is a graduate from Pacific who lives and has a career as a photographer in Japan.

    His exhibition, titled OYAKO (Parent and children), is also meant to coordinate with the Family weekend at Pacific.

    For more information on Bruce visit: http://www.bruceosborn.com/Gallery/oy_gallery.html

    Muto Lecture Series: Buddhism and Zen

    Thursday, Oct. 21st, 7 p.m., Library

    Admission is FREE

    The two guest-speakers are:

    Professor Edward Cetto, an active member of the Stockton Zen Sangha. Cetto is the author of "Singing the Buddha's Praises: Buddhist Prayers set to Gregorian Chant." 

    Shozo Sato, an Emeritus Professor from University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign just release a new book titled "Sumie: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting"

    Film: Tokyo Sonata by Kiyoshi Kurusawa

    Thursday, Oct. 21st, 8 p.m. in the Janet Leigh Theatre

    Admission is FREE to Festival attendees

    The film was among the official selection at Cannes, NY, and Chicago film festivals. It received the Grand Jury prize at the Cannes and Chicago film festivals.

    Blazblue Video Game Competition

    Friday, Oct. 22nd, 7 PM, in the UC Ballroom

    For registration visit http://go.pacific.edu/JapaneseFestival

    Admission is FREE

    This event is co-sponsor by Arc System Works, a Japanese video game company.

    Japanese Dance Show

    Saturday, October 23nd, 7:30 PM in Faye Spanos Concert Hall

    Featuring two master dancers from Osaka: Gankyo Nakamura and Toyohiro Fujima

    Admission: GE: $10, $9 when purchased online, $5 for seniors and is free for students with ID.

    Gankyo Nakamura is not only a Master dancer but also a famous Kabuki actor. This show is going to be filled, with colorful costumes, amazing wigs. It will include a variety of numbers involving several dancers and the two masters. This is a rare event, not to be missed.

    For information and tickets visit http://go.pacific.edu/JapaneseFestival