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    Historic Stockton Photos and Maps Added to Online Digital Archive

    Sep 24, 2010

    Photos capture moments in history. One hundred years of pictures from Stockton's own history, held in the archives at University of the Pacific, were recently scanned and placed in an online database. Along with the 500 photos, spanning from 1860-1960, a collection of maps of the Delta has been added, with the earliest one from 1851 and the latest 1980.

    The Holt-Atherton archives at Pacific holds manuscripts, photos, journals, legal papers and other items that tell stories of many different histories. The archives are available to researchers and members of the public. Although the collections are available to anyone, they can only be viewed during certain hours with special handling, making it difficult to gain access to the materials. With photos and other items from the online archives, the items are now accessible to the public at any time of the day or night.

    "We are very pleased that we can share this bountiful information of not only California, but of Stockton and those who have roots here," said Michael Wurtz, archivist for Pacific's Holt-Atherton Special Collections. "These collections are not only for teachers or those researching the California gold rush, but a tool for the community that spans a variety of audiences."

    "All of the materials posted online can be of value to the community" Wurtz said. Teachers can now show students pictures and maps from the different eras to illustrate history in the classroom. Those studying the Delta can look at the different maps online and see how the Delta quickly changed.

    Also in the online database is a John Muir collection of photographs, journals, drawings and correspondences, Dave Brubeck's oral history, Jazz Diplomacy and a Brubeck Collection Medley. There are also aerial views of University of the Pacific and California's history, which includes maps, historical photographs and Delia Locke, the matriarch of Lockford's founding family's diaries. Currently, there are plans to place more of the artifacts from the archives online.  These items will include more John Muir letters, an oral history of Stockton immigrant women and the Paul Desmond collection.

    To visit the archives visit http://library.uop.edu/ha/ua/index.asp

    For more information contact Michael Wurtz at 209.946.3105