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    Post Secrets Founder Frank Warren to Speak at Pacific

    Sep 15, 2010

    "I miss being skinny."

    "He probably thinks I don't care anymore, but honestly, I wish he were here and not there."

    "I'm not as strong as you think I am."

    "Sometimes I enjoy doing housework, but only when no one else is around."

    These are just a few of the tens of thousands of "secrets" that have been mailed to Frank Warren during the past five years, when Warren started the "PostSecret" project. The idea was simple -people mail him a decorated post card that includes a "secret" that they have never shared with anyone and he will share it with the rest of the world in anonymity.

    The idea was a smash hit. Warren's "PostSecrets" project has resulted in the Postsecrets.com website, which has had more than 365 million visits and is often listed as one of the 10 most "popular" blogs in the United States. He also has written five books, including the bestselling "PostSecret Confessions on Life Death and God," and has started a Facebook page with nearly 840,000 followers. His project is so well known, an episode of the hit television series "CSI:NY" was based on the premise that a victim was connected to a Postsecret-like website.

    Now Stockton will have a chance to hear some of those secrets. Warren will speak at University of the Pacific at 7 p.m., Oct. 16 in the Faye Spanos Concert Hall, his only scheduled appearance in California for the rest of the year.

    "PostSecrets is a genuine phenomenon that we are thrilled to be able to bring to Pacific," said Arlene Brown, the Arts and Entertainment advisor for the Associated Students at University of the Pacific. "The secrets that Frank Warren brings to the world every week are funny, sad, and sweet and are almost all emotionally moving. We know this is going to be a great presentation."

    Warren will show some of the secrets that were deemed too controversial to appear in his books, will discuss some of the more interesting stories behind some of the secrets, and will urge audience members to confess their secrets in to a microphone at the event.

    The event is free and open to the public and seating will be assigned first-come first-serve. However; preferred seating will be given to Pacific students.

    After the presentation, Warren will be available to sign autographs. Books will be available for purchase in the lobby of Faye Spanos.