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    Twenty Pacificans Receive Innovation Grants

    Apr 28, 2011
    Dean Lynn Beck
    Dean Brigid Welch
    Professor Keith Hatscheck
    Associate Dean Shan Sutton
    Assistant Vice President Lisa Cooper
    Professor Cathie McClellan
    Professor Brett DeBoer
    Associate Dean Edie Sparks
    Professor Jerry Post
    Professor Laurie Lichter-Heath
    Professor Chris Sablynski
    Professor Jinzhu Gao
    Professor Bill Ford
    Dan Hammer
    Jonathan Gluck
    Not pictured: Larry White,  Jessica Semler, Erik Web, Kathryin Crader and John Mulder.

    Twenty Pacificans were chosen to receive a 2011 Innovation Grant Fund (IGF) award, it was announced this week. With $50,000 of yearly funding, the Innovation Grant Fund offers one-time grants of $2,000 to $10,000 to support innovation in all divisions on all three campuses. The grants are distributed based on a simple yet competitive proposal and application process, with a committee making final decisions.

    The number and amount of grants vary each year. This year, there were 30 proposals submitted for a total request of more than $220,000 in funds. Half of the proposals came from faculty while the others spread broadly across the other divisions.

    The 2011 Innovation Grant Fund Award Winners are:

    Central Valley Program

    Dean Lynn Beck, Dean Brigid Welch, Associate Professors Keith Hatsheck and Shan Sutton, and Adjunct Instructor Larry White will implement and evaluate a pilot program connecting the unique resources of the University Library's Special Collections with local K-12 educators. The funds will be used to develop a pilot version of the Central Valley History and Culture Program in partnership with teachers from Stockton Collegiate International Schools.

    Students Emerging as Pacificans Program

    Lisa Cooper proposed improving the first-year experience and retention for incoming African-American first-generation college freshman by implementing the Students Emerging as Pacifican's (STEPs) Program. This grant will support the Pacific community including faculty, staff, current students and alumni.

    Theatre Delta Fusion

    Cathie McClellan and Brett DeBoer will create a 5-week, student-centered, community oriented workshop called Delta Fusion, culminating in a parade and a performance in the summer of 2011. It is envisioned as an opportunity for the University and the citizens of Stockton to join together in telling the story of the Delta, its people and its history, creating what will become an annual celebration fusing art, theatre, history and education.

    Enrollment Management Customized Modeling Software

    Edie Sparks, the senior associate dean of the College of the Pacific, will start development of three enrollment management tools that can provide customizable predictive modeling to make better admissions, course planning, curriculum development and faculty staffing decisions.

    Dugoni Practical Leadership Initiative

    Dan Hammer and Jonathan Gluck, students at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, will conduct a co-curricular Dental Practical Leadership program aimed to help Pacific students develop their leadership skill set. This program aims to provide students with opportunities to meet with leaders in dentistry and directly apply what they learn to their daily routine.

    Multi-touch Interactive Learning Technology

    Jerry Post, a professor from Eberhardt School of Business, will create a small multi-purpose classroom designed to enhance collaborative work with information technology. The technology uses multitouch surfaces to provide a new and potentially better method for students to work on experiential and team projects and to connect with external partners.

    Student Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    This proposal by Laurie Lichter-Heath and Chris Sablynski from the Eberhardt School of Business in partnership with Student Life seeks to create a campus resource that facilitates a positive outlet for students to have their issues heard and resolved. By keeping students focused on their educational goals through a service, which will help reduce the distractions associated with conflict, this mediation service would support student learning as well as the University mission to 'place students first.'

    Simulation and Data Visualization Display Wall

    Students Jessica Semler, Erik Web and Kathryin Crader as well as Assistant Professor Jinzhu Gao and Bill Ford will develop of a high-resolution display wall which would allow viewing of large datasets and make it easy to portray the data. This display wall will be used to enhance student learning by allowing students to run simulations or explore data visualization on a large display.

    Health Literacy Bridge

    Pharmacy student, John Mulder, will run a pilot study to assess the impact of the proposed Health Literacy Bridge on improving patient health literacy in our culturally diverse community.

    The fund helps support innovation and creativity across the University. We are committed to "expand innovation in academic programs through an ongoing innovation process, support to pedagogy and research, and new education and service delivery models" and to "enhance University administrative programs and services through innovation and creativity by targeting fundraising, increasing incentives and improving services and programs."

    Getting Involved:
    Innovation Learning Community.
    Meetings of the Innovation Learning Community will occur throughout the year with prior and potential future recipients meeting to build on ideas. Those interested in submitting proposals in the future may wish to attend these meetings to ask questions and propose ideas for input. Innovations will be evaluated after three years for impact and sustainability. The goal is to deepen the communities practice around innovation.