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Budget Task Force Invites University Community to View Presentation on Budget Models

Dec 12, 2011

For individuals who were unable to attend the presentation in person, the Budget Task Force, a joint administrative and faculty committee appointed by President Eibeck, invites you to view the presentation on budget models online. The presentation was delivered by Mr. Jay Morley, former president of National Association of College and University Business Officers and a nationally renowned budget consultant, during his recent visit to Pacific.

Individuals can view the presentation online via InsidePacific.  After you login, click on the administrative tab.

About the Budget Task Force

In the fall of 2010, President Eibeck formed a Budget Task Force, to investigate, and recommend new budget models for the University to consider that would incentivize units while providing accountability and flexibility. For the past ten months, the task force has reviewed various budget models and learned about the three different budget models currently used within Pacific's structure. Recently, the task force engaged Mr. Jay Morley to provide insights about the various budget model approaches used in higher education to efficiently and effectively manage resources and expenditures.  The Budget Task Force is chaired by Dean Phil Oppenheimer and is a joint administrative and faculty committee.

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