IPSF Presents Breaking Language Barriers Series: Noche de Español

Marlyn Nicolas '13

Drs. Ed Rogan and Marisella Guerrero '98 pose for a picture with IPSF co-chairs.

By Ana Gabriel '12Dec 4, 2011
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On October 26, Pacific's International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) hosted Noche de Español at the Chan Family Health Sciences Learning Center and Clinics to teach students Spanish. Over 70 students attended the workshop to learn pharmacy terms and enjoy an evening of food catered by Beto's Tacos.

Pacific alum Dr. Ed Rogan of Green Brothers Pharmacy and Pacific alum Dr. Marisella Guerrero '98 presented dozens of frequently used terms in pharmacy and taught students the Spanish translations and pronunciations.

IPSF member Marlyn Nicolas '13 explained the importance of bringing students together to teach them pharmacy terms in multiple languages. "Most patients struggle with understanding their medications because of language barriers. We want to focus on common languages to help students in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) communicate with their patients and solve that problem," Nicolas said.

Nicholas Bravo '14 found Noche de Español to be useful. "I learned Spanish terms that will be helpful when I am doing outreach and volunteer programs in the community."

Noche de Español is just the first step in learning Spanish for these pharmacy students. Dr. Rogan encouraged students to become as fluent as possible. "You will be working with people who speak Spanish-use them as your mentor."

Students also got to go home with a little present. "We made laminated pocket translation guides for students to bring to health fairs and such," said Susan Deng '14.

The Breaking Language Barrier Series is an event that occurs each semester to teach students to communicate in different languages. Next semester, join IPSF as they host Tagalog Night.