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Two Faculty Members Receive Scholarly Award

By Dua Moua '09Dec 2, 2011

Myo-Kyoung Kim, PharmD, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Roshanak Rahimian, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, have received University of the Pacific 2011 United Methodist Scholar/Teacher Award and Eberhardt Teacher Scholar Award respectively. They were formally recognized at Pacific's Third Annual Faculty Awards Recognition on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.Myo Kim

Recipients of the United Methodist Scholar/Teacher Award are selected for their demonstration of exceptional teaching; recognized concern for students and colleagues and sensitivity to the mission of the church-related university; a record of significant contributions to the scholarly life of the university and; commitment to high standards of professional and personal life.

The Eberhardt Teacher Scholar award annually recognizes faculty from the entire University who fulfill the highest aspirations of scholarship and service to students, colleagues and the profession.

"Dr. Kim has outstanding teaching and scholarly activities, tremendous care for students and patients, devotion to her faith, and deep dedication to the mission of church-related University activities. I am very blessed to have a relationship with her that allows me to observe all of these admirable qualities" said Dr. Connie Kang '04 who nominated Dr. Kim for the award.

Dr. Kang also mentioned that Dr. Kim was an innovator, incorporating methods such as the Bloom's Taxonomy into her quizzes and exams to help students improve their critical thinking skills and inviting former students back to campus as guest speakers to provide her class with personal interactions.

"What is so valuable about teaching are the opportunities to connect with the students and learn about their professional and personal goals," said Dr. Kim. "What I hope the students take away from my courses are that they will learn to have sympathy for their patients and gain more therapeutic knowledge; both of which makes everyone a better pharmacist," she added.

"Students and colleagues recognize Dr. Rahimian as a dedicated educational and reRoshanak Rahimiansearch leader whose contributions are crucial for the Department's continued success," said Dr. Timothy Smith, Department Chair. "In research, Dr. Rahimian has an international reputation for excellence in cardiovascular pharmacology," he added.

In 10 years, Dr. Rahimian hopes to gain advancement in understanding the mechanism of cardio protective effect of estrogens and why there is a higher cardiovascular risk in women than men with diabetes. She was featured as a guest speaker earlier this year at Pacific's Lambda Kappa Sigma's Women's Health Week where she discussed statistics concerning the disease and emphasized how women are underrepresented when it comes to optimal treatment options.

"I am most proud of my students, graduated students, and the School. I know our students are doing their best because the School provides a great learning environment," said Dr. Rahimian. "I couldn't have received this award if it wasn't for the support from my Pacific family," she added.

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