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    University of the Pacific Form W-2 Statements Are Going Green!

    Dec 23, 2011

    Beginning with the 2011 Form W-2 to be distributed in January 2012, employees may choose to forego the paper copy and receive their Form W-2 in a printable electronic format only. Foregoing the paper copy not only reduces the university's costs associated with printing and distributing paper Forms W-2, but also eliminates the possibility of an employee's Form W-2 becoming lost, stolen, delayed, or misplaced by the U.S. mail service or by the employee once received.

    Employees must consent to receive their printable Form W-2 electronically.  The consent form can be securely accessed in the Employee Self Service section of the InsidePacific website.  Instructions for accessing Employee Self Service can be found here.

    To access InsidePacific directly click hereAfter you enter your secure access login, click on the Administrative tab and then Administrative Services. On the next screen, click Employee, and then click "Tax Information, then click "Electronic W-2 Consent."

    Once employees have consented to receiving Forms W-2 electronically and the Payroll Department has sent notification they are ready, employees can return to InsidePacific to print their statement and attach it to a Federal, State, or local income tax return.

    The deadline to consent for receiving your printable 2011 Forms W-2 electronically is Friday, January 20th.

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