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    Water Wars: The Delta’s Water Quality at Risk

    Feb 14, 2011

    Many people drive through the Delta every day, admiring its beauty but not considering whether that scenery may be at risk. The fact is there is a threat to the Delta that mostly goes unnoticed by those drivers - the diminishing water quality that keeps the fragile ecosystem together. That water quality and its threats will be the central topic of a discussion by a panel of experts during the "Water Wars" discussion at 5 p.m. March 1 in Grace Covell Hall at University of the Pacific.

    The panel will include five experts on different areas of water quality and will be moderated by Bill Jeffery, professor of law at Pacific. The event is free and open to the public.

    "We are excited that these experts are willing to come together to educate us about the quality of our water," said Cynthia Ostberg, director of the Pacific Legal Scholars program and professor of Political Science. "I live in the San Joaquin Valley and know very little about the natural resource or its quality."

    The panel will include Tom Zuckerman, Will Stringfellow, Karl Longley, Stacy Luthy and Michael Machado. Machado, executive director of the Delta Protection Commission, will discuss the importance of the Delta to the county and policy issues surrounding its water quality. After him, Stringfellow, director of Ecological Engineering Research at Pacific, will speak on what improves and reduces water quality. Then Longley, a member of the California Water Institute, will discuss salt and its effects on water. Next Luthy, assistant professor in Pacific's Biological Sciences department, will talk about the effect of water quality on fish in the Delta. Last, Zuckerman, who is chair of Pacific's Board of Regents, will discuss the litigation surrounding water quality.  

    Conversations concerning water in California date back to the founding of the state. There has been concern about fishing and salmon breeding in the Delta, the effects of boating, agriculture and the safety of drinking water when it comes to the discussion of water quality.

    The Pacific Legal Scholars program is an accelerated honors law program that is operated in conjunction with Pacific McGeorge School of Law. During the program students are exposed to a variety of facets of the legal profession.

    For more information contact Cynthia Ostberg at costberg@pacific.edu.