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    Women's Water Polo: Seven Questions With Women's Water Polo's Dara Tawarahara

    Mar 28, 2011

    Pacific's senior Dara Tawarahara (Honolulu, Hawaii) talks about her time at Pacific, memorable moments with Pacific's women's water polo and her career as a Tiger.

    What sports did you play growing up?
    I had a mini volleyball as soon as I got home from the hospital because my mom was a club men's volleyball coach. I joined a swim club when I was four years old and played basketball for a year when I was in fifth grade.

    When did you first start playing water polo and why?
    I began playing water polo in eighth grade because I lost a bet to a close friend and had to try out for the team. The coaches thought I would be a pretty good addition to the team because I could swim well and the overhead throw in water polo has a similar technique as spiking a volleyball.

    If you didn't play water polo, would you play a different sport?
    I love playing volleyball but had to stop playing competitively because of an injury during high school. But I love playing pickup volleyball games.

    What are your plans for the future, both at Pacific and beyond?
    In the future I hope to continue my education here at Pacific by working towards a master's degree in sport sciences. After that, I think I will be heading home to Hawaii to find my perfect job in education or athletics.

    What is something you enjoy the most about playing at Pacific?
    I love the small school atmosphere at Pacific. I have been lucky enough to develop a huge support system here through the faculty and student-athletes, as well as friends from within my major.

    Looking back at your career here at Pacific, what is the one thing that you will remember most?
    As of right now it would be when we our final home games of the 2010 season when defeated Northridge during sudden death last year to win the Big West regular season title. But I'm hoping that my most memorable moment will be the NCAA tournament this season since it's the first season our conference can have a team make the tournament.

    What does it mean to you to be a Tiger?
    To me being a Tiger means being a part of a family and my team is my Tiger family. We've had our struggles in the past, but we persevered through the adversity and are now stronger and are a closer group because of it. I'll miss the team once we all go our separate ways after this season.