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    NCPA Host Special Guest Speaker Joseph Shoneff

    By: Mikhaela Sarmiento ’12Nov 22, 2011

    On November 8, 2011, Joseph Shoneff, Vice President of Sales Operations for Valley Wholesales Drugs Company Incorporated, came to speak to the pharmacy students of University of the Pacific. He expressed to the future pharmacists the importance of being able to calculate the true cost of generic versus brand medication. With the help of some assistants, Shoneff was able to provide each student with a handout explaining how to conduct the calculations themselves and even provided an example for clarity. Additionally, the handout also provided tips pharmacists should know before entering a contract. Shoneff advised these future pharmacists to "choose wisely who (your) distributer is going to be." He shared benefits of investing in an independent pharmacy, such as having better service and one-on-one experiences. He also cautioned though that pharmacists who decide to have in an independent pharmacy should be ready to expand their business to stay up to date. Shoneff provided pros and cons for independent and chain pharmacies to give students a little food for thought.

    Before the night ended, Shoneff encouraged students to ask questions on the topics discussed or about Valley Wholesales Drugs Company Incorporated. By having their questions answered by someone who has worked many years in this field, students were able to get a better idea of the experience working as an independent versus chain pharmacist. Alex Nguyen '14 said that he "gained lots of insight on how community pharmacies can benefit the local community through excellent customer service." Erika Lee '14 shared that she too "learned a lot and hopes to apply what I've learned if I would have an independent pharmacy." These students still have time to figure out which route they decide to take as a pharmacist but now they have more clarity on the idea of becoming an independent pharmacist and some important tools they need to equip themselves with.