VN CARES from Pacific, UC Davis, and California Northstate College of Pharmacy Unite to Host Health Fair in Sacramento

    San Bao

    Brent Bjerke '13 explains the process of the screening to a health fair participant.

    By: Lac-Thu Ho ‘13Nov 22, 2011
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    On October 23 the Vietnamese Cancer Awareness Research Education Society (VNCARES) organized the Fall Health Fair in Sacramento at the Vietnamese Martyrs Church. There were a total of 120 people who participated in the event. Many screenings were offered to the public by student pharmacists such as glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, falls prevention and bone mineral density screenings.

    Due to the venue and location, VN CARES was able to attract a large number of Vietnamese participants and provide translation at each screening station to help with questionnaires. VNCARES chapters from UC Davis and California Northstate College of Pharmacy were present to support the event. This year VNCARES had the opportunity to work with a medical doctor Dr. Tuan who helped with event set-up and provided lunch to the student volunteers.

    Like every health care event, VN CARES' goal is to provide free screenings to those who do not have medical insurance or who otherwise could not afford it. In addition, the students hope to spread awareness and educate patients about the importance of their health.

    Every VNCARES officer participated in planning for the events weeks in advance. "I really enjoyed working and getting to know all the different volunteers, preceptors, and other VNCARES chapters. I thought the health fair ran very smoothly overall," stated Chrissy Go '13.

    "Preparing for the health fair required a lot of planning amongst the board, other committees, and outside sources including members and affiliates of the Sacramento Martyrs Church," commented Anne Huynh '13. "What I enjoyed most about this event was interacting with the Vietnamese patients. This gave me a unique sense of satisfaction being able to bridge the language barrier and helping these patients get the care they need," she added.