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Warm a Winter Wish

Nov 30, 2011

Warm a Winter Wish is back again!

Starting Nov. 28, Pacific Health Services will be hosting 'Warm a Winter Wish.' Two trees, decorated with gift wishes from adopted families, are located in the Baun Fitness Center and the lobby of the Cowell Wellness Center.  Each family was sponsored through the Women's Shelter of San Joaquin County. The center provides a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The families that are sponsored through this giving tree are all single women with small children.

Thanks for your support of this program and helping to "Warm a WinteAnyone is welcome to take a tag. Each tag has information about the wish gift, the family or individual to receive it, and any other clues to help select the wish. Please bring the gift along with the tag back to either the Cowell Wellness Center or the Baun Fitness Center before Friday, Dec. 9r Wish" for others in our community.

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