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    Safety Initiatives Become Student Creations

    by Lily PenfoldOct 20, 2011

    Safety is an important topic for students, faculty and staff, but there have been concerns lately that the University's security messages are a bit too dour. This is where students Chad Fraga and Chelsea Scahill have entered the picture.

    The two students, along with some guidance from Pacific employees, have devised a campus wide safety initiative called Tiger Tips. They will film a new video every month that will stress important safety information.

    The first video - a look at the STRIPES service - mixes humor along with some serious information about the popular student-run program.

    Tigers Tips Videos

    The first Tiger Tips video has been posted in the University's media gallery. More videos will be posted as they are made. more

    "Tiger Tips is a great new program, it's educational and informative" Fraga said. "My character is funny, but I want to stress that safety is no laughing matter. I hope to enter law enforcement in the future and this is a way for me to help students now."

    Besides the videos, the two students hope to also recruit student artists to design posters and make chalk drawings that also stress safety tips and messages.

    "We really hope that the multiple messages will catch the eyes of other students and get them thinking about ways that they can keep themselves safe," Scahill said. "By making the videos and posters fun, we think the messages will be more memorable."

    The first video was co-written and directed by Scahill and Fraga, both of whom are also Pacific Ambassadors. Scahill then edited the video and selected the soundtrack music.

    The video has been posted on Public Safety's website as well as on the University's YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/pacifictigers. The two also hope to get the videos aired in the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center as well as shown before movies in the Janet Leigh Theatre on campus.

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