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    Students Can Drop Off Old Electronics

    Oct 4, 2011

    Students can now bring their E-waste or electronics waste to the campus mailroom (Mail Services department) for proper disposal during the school year. Located on north campus in the facility adjacent to Brookside Field, the mailroom is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday throughout the school year. Please call ahead for larger loads exceeding three units or for large screen TVs as there is a different drop off point for these (209.946.2250 or 209.946.2250 from a campus phone).

    Additional Recycling
    Students may bring shipping popcorn and used batteries for recycling to the campus mailroom. Also, bring your paper for shredding. Following is the University's Battery Policy:

    Employees and Students can now dispose of University purchased batteries in an intercampus envelope. All spent batteries should be dropped in an interoffice envelope (make sure to tape the ends of the 9 volt batteries) and mark the envelope with a red pen: used batteries/physical plant. Mailroom will pick up with the outgoing mail. If you have larger batteries like UPSs and/or batteries that are leaking, Risk Management should be contacted for a pick up. If for some reason you wish to dispose of fully charged batteries, you should call Risk Management for pick-up. It has been approved by Physical Plant/Support Services to allow students the same opportunity with their personal batteries. Students should follow the same instructions; however, envelopes should be dropped in the outgoing mail slot in the residence hall. Please contact Physical Plant/Support Services or Risk Management with any questions or concerns.