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    Wellness in the Workplace: Navigating the Spice Aisle

    Alexandra Caspero MA, RD, CLTOct 27, 2011

    This month's Wellness in the Workplace is all about using herbs and spices.

    Can't tell cumin from cardamom? NutriCat helps you navigate the spice aisle to become an amazing cook.

    Herbs and Spices also have many health benefits and have been used for centuries as medicine. Learn the powers of your favorite flavors and how to combine them using ethnic profiling.

    Due to the success of Pacific Health Services first e-book, Pacific Cooks, we will be publishing another ebook full of healthy, holiday goodies. If you would like to submit your favorite low-sugar, low-fat, or low-calorie treat please email to be included.

    Eat healthy, think healthy, live healthy,


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