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AMCP Hosts Local P&T Competition

Apr 24, 2012

By: Jennifer T. Nguyen ‘14

Every year, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and the Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy hold a competition for student pharmacists to experience the formulary management process, called the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Competition. This involves analyzing the product dossier using AMCP's Format for Formulary Submissions.

This year the product under evaluation was Pradaxa - a medication indicated for non-valvular atrial fibrillation. A record of nine teams, each consisting of four members, participated in the local P&T Competition. Each team used their research and critical analysis skills to assess the available scientific evidence, as well as their presentation skills to accompany their 15-page monograph and 15-page report. These teams have been working diligently since October. Three teams advanced to the semi-final round to present in front of the P&T Committee on January 30th. The winning team of the 2012 AMCP-Pacific P&T Competition consisted of Robert Chirk '12, Tong Lee ‘12, Lamont Vuong ‘13, and Kristen Ward '14. They went on to compete in the national competition and made it to the top 15 semifinalist, out of 29 teams who competed.

Vuong, a returning contender, learned that "experience matters a lot. What you learn each year can be passed down to the next year which makes a difference in strengthening the team." The P&T competition is one that will allow students "to learn more about what managed care was all about," says Ward. She continues to say that she has learned "an insurmountable amount of information in such a short time by being a part of this competition and recommends it to anyone looking to learn something outside of the curriculum." Congratulations to the winning team and all participating teams for taking the challenge to demonstrate managed care pharmacy skills.

AMCP-Pacific would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Allen Shek for his guidance throughout the chapter's P&T Competition, as well as Dr. Raj Patel '01, ‘06, Drs. Johnathan Yeh and Jonathan Szkotak from Health Plan of San Joaquin, and Dr. Joanna Liu from Health Net for providing their time and expertise to evaluate and judge the submissions and presentations.