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ASUOP Green Fashion Show to be held April 20 - Submissions open and materials are available for designers

Apr 9, 2012

The Annual ASUOP Green Fashion show will be held at 6pm on Friday, April 20 on the University Center lawn. Submissions for this year's event are now open.

This year's event will feature Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff Project, as a guest judge and will lead in to Leonard's lecture at 7pm.  Please see the Sustaining Pacific website for the 2012 Green Fashion show poster and submission form as well as details on all April Sustainability Month activities.


Multiple departments on campus are making available unusual materials for designers to use in the 2nd Annual ASUOP Green Fashion Show.  Designers interested in exploring what kind of materials are available should contact Shanna Eller, Sustainability Director, seller@pacific.edu, for a list of department contacts in Athletics, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, the Mailroom, Marketing,  and Visual Arts.