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Campus Life

Brubeck Exhibit in Library Lobby and Online

Apr 11, 2012

Visit the university library lobby exhibit to learn more about Dave Brubeck's jazz musical The Real Ambassadors. In September 1962, Dave and Iola Brubeck presented the only public performance of the work at the Monterey Jazz Festival. It was an ambitious show that cast Louis Armstrong in the lead as a trumpeter who brought American culture to a fictional African nation. The Real Ambassadors used wit and satire to point out the absurdity of segregation, and it made the case that artists are the best and "real" ambassadors to demonstrate a nation's ideals. Despite the efforts of the Brubecks, the musical never made it to Broadway. In addition to the lobby exhibit, digitized photographs, scripts, and music of The Real Ambassadors are also available online at http://go.pacific.edu/specialcollections.