A rendering of Burns Tower made of canned vegetables

A rendering of a canned-vegetable Burns Tower

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Community Engagement

CANstruction: Building Burns Tower with canned vegetables to help Stockton's Emergency Food Bank

Participate in this unique food drive, held in conjunction with the Stockton Asparagus Festival
Apr 10, 2012

As part of a service event, held in conjuntion with the Stockton Asparagus Festival - April 27 to April 29 - a team of local architects is building a canned-vegetable version of Burns Tower, and University of the Pacific is helping.

CANstruction is a unique food drive in which architects, builders and other volunteers create sculptures made of canned and boxed goods, which later are collected and donated to the Emergency Food Bank.

Pacific is helping to sponsor the event, and also is helping collect food. To build Burns Tower, WMB Architects needs 1,800 cans of vegetables: Specifically, cans that are 4.25 to 4.5 inches tall, holding about 15 ounces. (Cans with labels that show 14.5 or 15.25 ounces are OK too). For the base of the tower, we need boxed rice or pasta products, such as Rice-A-Roni or Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Food is needed by the week of April 16. Find collection bins near the information desk at the DeRosa University Center and at the Vereschagin Alumni House.

For information, contact Jennifer Torres Siders at 946-3134 or jtorressiders@pacific.edu.